AU 804 Vehicle Body Engineering AU, 8th (V) Semester Revised syllabus Automobile Engineering(AU)

 AU 804 Vehicle Body Engineering Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Vehicle Body Engineering Syllabus
Automobile Engineering AU 8th Semester Syllabus 

AU 804 Vehicle Body Engineering Course contents

Unit I Car Body Details: Types: Saloon, Convertibles, Limousine, Estate Van, Racing & Sports Car Visibility, Regulation, drivers visibility, test for visibility method of improving visibility & space in cars safety design equipments for car; car body construction.

Unit II Vehicle Aerodynamics: Objectives Vehicles drag and types various types of forces & moments effect of force & moments side wind effects on force & moments various body optimization, technique for minimum drag- Wind tunnel testing: flow visualization techniques, Scale model testing, component balance to measure force & moments.

Unit III Bus Body Details: Types: Mini bus, Single Decker, Double Decker, Spirit Level & Articirculated bus- bus body Layout floor height Engine location Entrance & Exit location - Sitting dimensions Construction details: Frame construction, Double skin construction - Types metals sections used Regulation Conventional & integral type construction.

Unit IV Commercial Vehicle Details: Types of body: Flat platform, Drop side, Fixed Side, Tipper body, tanker body  light commercial vehicle body types  dimension of driver seat in relation to control Drivers cab design. Unit V Body Materials, Trim & Mechanism: Steel sheet, timber, plastic, GRP, Properties of materials corrosion anticorrosion methods escalation of paint & painting process; Body trim items; body mechanisms.

Unit VI Body Loads: Idealized structure  Structural surface shear panel method Symmetric & asymmetrical vertical loads in a car longitudinal loads Different Loading situations.

1. Powloski, J.; Vehicle Body Engg. Business books Ltd
2. Giles J.C; Body construction & Design; Butter worth & Co.
3. Ramalingam KK; Automobile engineering; Scitech pub
4. John Fenton; Vehicle Body Layouts & analysis, Mechanical Engg. Publication ltd. London.
5. Braithwaite, J.V.; Vehicle Body building & Drawing, Heinemanm Edn. Books Ltd. London.

List of Experiments (Please Expand it):
1. To find out forces and moments acting on vehicle body
2. Study of body construction of various vehicles
3. Study and analysis of wind loads on vehicle body
4. Study effect of body materials and painting on vehicle dynamics

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