AU-801(A) Tractor and Farm Equipments AU, 8th (V) Semester Revised syllabus Automobile Engineering(AU)

AU-801(A) Tractor and Farm Equipments Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Tractor and Farm Equipments Syllabus
Automobile Engineering AU 8th Semester Syllabus 

AU-801(A) Tractor and Farm Equipments Course contents

Unit-I Introduction: Fundamental of Soils and machinery; different equipments, purposes and operations; Systems of Earth Moving Equipments: Engine-all systems of engine and special features like automatic timer, turbochargers, after coolers; Transmission:- Basic types and planetary transmission constructional and working principles. Hydro shift automatic trans torque converters, retarders; Hydraulics:- basic components of hydraulic systems like pumps (types); control valves, relief valves and hydraulic motors; hydraulic cylinders, circuits and controls valves

Unit-II Final Drive: Types of reductions, Structure and function suspensions like hydraulic suspension; brakes and steering:- hydraulic power steering, main components and circuit; tire, brakes and components and functions; Under carriage and tracked vehicles, advantages and disadvantages, tractor and components.

Unit-III Earth Moving Equipments Management:: Earth moving equipments; maintenance; type of maintenance schedules; purpose and advantages, organization set ups and documentation; method of selection of equipments:-Selection of machines, basic rules of matching machine, selection of equipment including the nature of operation; selection- based on type of soil, based on haul distance and weather condition

Unit-IV Calculations of Operating capacity; estimating owning and operating cost; calculation of productivity of bulldozer shovel, wheel Landers and dump truck.

Unit-V Safety Methods and attachment for earth moving equipments

1. John B. Llzedaw et-al; Tractors and their power units
2. Donald R. Hum and LGV Garner; Farm machinery and mechanism

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