AU 803 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning AU, 8th (V) Semester Revised syllabus Automobile Engineering(AU)

 AU 803 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Syllabus
Automobile Engineering AU 8th Semester Syllabus 

 AU 803 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course contents

Unit-I Introduction: Principles and methods of refrigeration, freezing; mixture cooling by gas reversible expansion, throttling, evaporation, Joule Thomson effect and reverse Carnot cycle; unit of refrigeration, coefficient of performance, vortex tube & thermoelectric refrigeration, adiabatic demagnetization; air refrigeration cycles- Joule’s cycle Boot-strap cycle, reduced ambient cycle and regenerative cooling cycles.

Unit-II Vapour compression system: Vapor compression cycle, p-h and t-s diagrams, deviations from theoretical cycle, sub-cooling and super heating, effects of condenser and evaporator pressure on cop;multi-pressure system: removal of flash gas, multiple expansion & compression with flash inter cooling; low temperature refrigeration: production of low temperatures, cascade system, dry ice, production of dry ice, air liquefaction system,.

Unit-III (a) Vapour absorption system: Theoretical and practical systems such as aqua-ammonia,
electrolux & other systems; (b)  Steam jet refrigeration: Principles and working, simple cycle of
operation, description and working of simple system, (c) refrigerants: nomenclature & classification, desirable properties, common refrigeration, comparative study, leak detection methods, environment friendly refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures, brine and its properties

Unit-IV Psychrometric: Calculation of psychrometric properties of air by table and charts; psychrometric processes:  sensible heating and cooling, evaporative cooling, cooling dehumidification, heating and humidification, mixing of air stream, sensible heat factor; principle of air conditioning, requirements of comfort air conditioning, ventilation standards, infiltrated air load, fresh air load human comfort, effective temperature & chart, heat production & regulation of human body,

Unit-V Air conditioning loads: calculation of summer & winter air conditioning load, bypass factor of coil, calculation of supply air rate & its condition, room sensible heat factor, grand sensible heat factor, =effective sensible heat factor, dehumidified air quantity. Problems on cooling load calculation. Air distribution and ventilation systems

ME803 Ad Hoc Networks References: 
1. Arora CP; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; TMH
2. Sapali SN; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; PHI
3. Ananthanarayan; Basic Refrigeration and Air conditioning; TMH
4. Manohar Prasad; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; New Age Pub
5. Ameen; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; PHI
6. Pita ; Air conditioning Principles and systems: an energy approach; PHI
7. Stoecker W.F, Jones J; Refrigeration and Air conditioning; McGH, Singapore
8. Jordan RC and Priester GB Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, PHI USA
9. Arora RC; Refrigeration and Air conditioning; PHI Learning

List of Experiments (Please Expand it): Refrigeration and Air Conditioning AU/ ME 803
1. General Study of vapor compression refrigeration system.
2. General Study of Ice Plant
3. General Study and working of cold storage
4. General Study Trane Air Condition (Package Type).
5. General Study of Electrolux Refrigeration
6. General Study One tone Thermax refrigeration unit.
7. General Study of Water cooler
8. General Study of Psychrometers (Absorption type)
9. General Study of Leak Detectors (Halide Torch).
10. General Study and working of Gas charging Rig.
11. General Study of window Air Conditioner.
12. General Study and working of Vapor compression Air conditioning Test rig.
13. Experimentation on Cold Storage of Calculate COP & Heat Loss.
14. Experimentation on Vapor compression Air Conditioning test rig.
15. Changing of Refrigerant by using Gas Charging Kit.

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