EI504 Power Electronics EI 5th (Fifth) sem Electronics and Instrumentation(EI) Syllabus

EI504 Power Electronics Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Power Electronics Syllabus
Electronics and Instrumentation EI V-5th Semester Syllabus

EI504 Power Electronics Course Contents:

Unit I : Power, Semiconductor Devices
Classification of Power semiconductor devices, characteristics, construction, application and theory of operation of power diode, power transistor, thyristors. Device specifications and ratings, working of Diac, Triac, IGBT, GTO and other power semiconductor devices. Turn-on / Turn-off methods and their circuits.

Unit II: Rectifiers
Review of uncontrolled rectification an its limitations, controlled rectifiers, half wave, Full wave configurations, multiphase rectification system, use of flywheel diode in controlled rectifier configurations.

Unit III : Inverters and Choppers
Classification of inverters, Transistor inverters, Thyristor inverters, Voltage and Current Communicated inverters, PWM inverters, Principle of Chopper, Chopper classification and types of regulators.

Unit IV : A. C. Voltage Controllers and Cyclo-converters
Classification and operation of a.c. voltage and cyclo-converters, their circuit analysis for different type of load.

Unit V : Industrial Applications
Solid-state switching circuits, Relays, Electronic Timer, battery charger, Sawtooth generator, applications in Industrial process control, Motor drive applications, Electronic regulators, etc., Induction heating, Dielectric Heating, Resistance welding and welding cycle.

Suggested List of Strategies
1.Input cum discussion of unit wise
2.Lab work
3.Self study

Suggested Instructional Experiments
1. To draw the V-1 characteristics of thyristor.
2. To draw the V-1 characteristics of triac.
3. To draw the V-1 characteristics of diac.
4. Study of light dimmer using Triac and Diac, find out the firing angle and draw the wave forms across load and Triac.
5. Study the operation of an SCR automatic speed control circuit and see the waveforms on CRO
6. To draw the V-1 characteristics of IGBT.

Suggested further readings
1. Power electronics, converters, applications & design - Need Mohan et.al.
2. Power Electronics Circuits, devices & applications - M.H. Rashid
3. Power Electronics -P.C.Sen
4. An introduction Thyristors & their applications - M. Rammurthy
5. Power Electronics & its applications, Alok Jain, Penram Publication

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