EI505 Analytical & Industrial Instrumentation EI 5th (Fifth) sem Electronics and Instrumentation(EI) Syllabus

EI505 Analytical & Industrial Instrumentation Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV  Analytical & Industrial Instrumentation Syllabus
Electronics and Instrumentation EI V-5th Semester Syllabus

EI505 Analytical & Industrial Instrumentation Course Contents:

Unit I
Difference between analytical and other instruments. Gas Analysis: Gas chromatography, Thermal conductivity method, Heat of reaction method. Estimation of oxygen, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, CO, etc. in binary or complex gas mixtures. Zirconia-probe oxygen analyser. Paramagnetic oxygen meters, Electrochemical reaction method.

Unit II
Ultraviolet and visible spectro photometry : Radiation sources, detectors, read outmodules, filters, monochromators. Instruments for absorption photometry. Fundamental laws of photometry. infrared Spectrophotometry : Basic components of IR spectrophotometers, sample handling, Types of spectrophotometers, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.

Unit III
Mass spectrometry: Basic mass spectrometer, components of mass spectrometers, types of mass spectrometers resolution and applications. X-Ray methods. Production of X-Rays & X-Ray spectra, Instrumental units, detectors for the measurement of radiation, direct X-Ray methods, X-Ray absorption methods, X-Ray fluorescence methods, X-Ray diffraction, Applications Spectroscopy, ESR Spectroscopy.

Unit IV
Chemical composition Analysis : Measurement of Viscosity, turbidity, metes consistency, pH and redox potential, electrical conductivity. Techniques of density measurement Solids, liquids and gases.
Unit V
Environmental Pollution Monitoring Instruments : Air pollution monitoring instruments carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen oxides, Hydrocarbons, Ozone, Automated wet chemical air analysis. Water pollution monitoring instruments.

Suggested Instructional Strategies
1.Input cum discussions
2.Lab Work
4.Self study
5.Seminar presentation
6.Mini project

Suggested list of Experiments
1. Study of Gas chromatograph
2. Study of X-Ray Spectrometer
3. Study of Ultraviolet & Visible Spectrophotometer
4. Study of Mass spectrometer
5. Viscosity measurement
6. Turbidity measurement

Suggested Books
  • Patranabis D-Principles of Industrial Inst. TMH Publication
  • Merritt W H W, Dean LL and Settie JA - Instrumental Methods of Analysis.
  • Skoog DA and West DM - Principles of Instrumental Analysis.
  • Hand book of Analytical Instrument Technology, Vol-11, Analysis Instruments, Butter worths Scientific Publication, London.

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