CE803 Advanced Structural Design-II (Steel) CE 8th sem RGTU/RGPV CIVIL Engineering(CE) 8th Semester Syllabus

CE803 Advanced Structural Design-II (Steel) Syllabus  
 RGTU/RGPV CE803 Advanced Structural Design-II (Steel)
CIVIL Engineering(CE) 8th Semester Syllabus 

CE803 Advanced Structural Design-II (Steel) Course Contents:

 Unit – I
Plate girder bridges (Riveted and welded)

Unit – II
Trussed girder bridges for railways and highways (IRC & IRS holding). Bearings for bridges.

Unit – III
Water Tanks: Pressed steel tanks, tanks with ordinary plates, square, rectangular, circular with  hemispherical bottom and conical bottom.

Unit - IV
Chimneys: Guyed and self supporting steel stacks.

Unit – V
Bunkers, Silos & Towers

Reference Books :-
1. Design of Steel Structures – Ramammutham
2. Design of Steel Structures – Punia
3. Steel Str. by Ramchandra Vol II
4. Steel Str. by Arya & Ajmani
5. Design of steel structures – L.S. Negi

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