CE802 Construction Planning & Management CE 8th sem RGTU/RGPV CIVIL Engineering(CE) 8th Semester Syllabus

CE802 Construction Planning & Management Syllabus  
 RGTU/RGPV CE802 Construction Planning & Management
CIVIL Engineering(CE) 8th Semester Syllabus 

CE802 Construction Planning & Management Course Contents:

 Unit -I
Preliminary and detailed investigation methods: Methods of construction, form work and centering. Schedule of construction, job layout, principles of construction management, modern management techniques like CPM/PERT with network analysis.

Unit -II
Construction equipments: Factors affecting selection, investment and operating cost, output of various equipments, brief study of equipments required for various jobs such as earth work, dredging, conveyance, concreting, hoisting, pile driving, compaction and grouting.

Unit -III
Contracts: Different types of controls, notice inviting tenders, contract document, departmental method of construction, rate list, security deposit and earnest money, conditions of contract, arbitration, administrative approval, technical sanction.

Unit -IV
Specifications & Public Works Accounts:
Importance, types of specifications, specifications for various trades of engineering works. Various forms used in construction works, measurement book, cash book, materials at site account, imprest account, tools and plants, various types of running bills, secured advance, final bill.

Site Organization & Systems Approach to Planning: Accommodation of site staff, contractor’s staff, various organization charts and manuals, personnel in construction, welfare facilities, labour laws and human relations, safety engineering. Problem of equipment management, assignment model, transportation model and waiting line modals with their applications, shovel truck performance with waiting line method.

Reference Books :-
1. Construction Equipment by Peurify
2. CPM by L.S. Srinath
3. Construction Management by S. Seetharaman
4. CPM & PERT by Weist & Levy
5. Construction, Management & Accounts by Harpal Singh
6. Tendering & Contracts by T.A. Talpasai

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