CE503 Fluid Mech. – II CE 5th sem CIVIL Engineering(CE) 5th Semester RGTU/RGPVSyllabus

CE503 Fluid Mech. – II Syllabus  
 RGTU/RGPV Fluid Mech. – II
CIVIL Engineering(CE) 5th - Fifth Semester Syllabus 

CE503 Fluid Mech. – II Course Contents:

Turbulent flow : Laminar and turbulent boundary layers and laminar sublayer, hydrodynamically smooth andrough boundaries, velocity distribution in turbulent flow, resistance of smooth and artificially roughened pipes,commercial pipes, aging of pipes. 
Pipe flow problems : Losses due to sudden expansion and contraction, losses in pipe fittings and valves,concepts of equivalent length, hydraulic and energy gradient lines, siphon, pipes in series, pipes in parallel,branching of pipes.
Pipe Network : *Water Hammer (only quick closure case). transmission of power. *Hardy Cross Method

Uniform flow in open channels : Channel geometry and elements of channel section, velocity distribution,energy in open channel flow, specific energy, types of flow, critical flow and its computations, uniform flow and its computations, Chezy’s and Manning’s formulae, determination of normal depth and velocity, Normal and critical slopes, Economical sections, Saint Vegnet equation.

Non uniform flow in open channels : Basic assumptions and dynamic equations of gradually varied flow,characteristics analysis and computations of flow profiles, rapidly varied flow hydraulic jump in rectangular channels and its basic characteristics, surges in open channels & channel flow routing, venturi flume.

Forces on immersed bodies: Types of drag, drag on a sphere, a flat plate, a cylinder and an aerofoil development of lift, lifting vanes, magnus effect.

Fluid Machines:
Turbines : Classifications, definitions, similarity laws, specific speed and unit quantities, Pelton turbine-their construction and settings, speed regulation, dimensions of various elements, Action of jet, torque, power and efficiency for ideal case, characteristic curves. 
Reaction turbines: construction & settings, draft tube theory, runaway speed, simple theory of design and characteristic curves, cavitation.
Centrifugal pumps : Various types and their important components, manometric head, total head, net positive suction head, specific speed, shut off head, energy losses, cavitation, principle of working and characteristic curves.
Reciprocating pumps: Principle of working, Coefficient of discharge, slip, single acting and double acting pump, Manometric head, Acceleration head.

List of Experiment
1. Study the performances characteristics of Pelton Wheel
2. Study the performances characteristics of Francis Turbine
3. Study the performances charactristics of Kaplan Turbine
4. Caliration of multistage (Two) Pump & Study of characteristic of variable speed pump
5. To study the performance & details of operation of Hyd. Ram
6. Determination of coefficient of discharge for a broad crested weir & to plot water surface profile over weir 7. Study of the characteristic of the Reciprocating pump

Suggested Books & Study Material:
1. Fluid Mechanics - Modi & Seth - Standard Book house, Delhi
2. Open Channel Flow by Rangaraju - Tata Mc Graw - Hill Publishing Comp. Ltd., New Delhi
3. Fluid Mechanics - A.K. Jain - Khanna Publishers, Delhi
4. Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machanics - K.R. Arora - Standard Publishers Distributors 1705- B, Nai Sarak, Delhi-6
5. Hyd. of open channels By Bakhmetiff B.A. (McGraw Hill, New York)
6. Open Channel Hyd. By Chow V.T. (McGraw Hill, New York)
7. Engineering Hydraulics By H. Rouse
8. Centrifugal & Axial Flow Pump By Stempanoff A.J. New York
9. Relevant IS codes.

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