ME 8th sem Machine Design Syllabus ME802 Machine Design Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV ME 802 Machine Design Syllabus
Mechanical Engineering ME 8th Semester Syllabus

Branch :  Mechanical Engineering, VIII Semester 
Course :  Machine Design

Note: PSG Design data book and/ or Mahadevan and Reddy’s Mechanical design data book are
to be provided/ permitted in exam hall (duly verified by authority)

Unit I Design of Belt, Rope and Chain Drives: Methods of power transmission, selection and design of flat belt and pulley; Selection of V-belts and sheave design; Design of chain drives, roller chain and its selection; Rope drives, design of rope drives, hoist ropes.

Unit II Spur and Helical Gears: Force analysis of gear tooth, modes of failure, beam strength, Lewis equation, form factor, formative gear and virtual number of teeth; Gear materials; Surface strength and  wear of teeth; strength against wear; Design of straight tooth spur and Helical Gears. Bevel Gears: Application of bevel, formative gear and virtual number of teeth; Force analysis; Lewis equation for bevel gears; Strength against wear; Design of bevel gear. 

Unit III Design of I.C. Engine Components: General design considerations in I C engines; design of cylinder; design of piston and piston-rings; design of connecting rod; design of crankshaft.

Unit IV Design of Miscellaneous Components: design of Flanged coupling; Rigid coupling, Design of Pressure vessels subjects to internal pressure, external pressure, design of penetration, design of flanges,  cone  cylinder  junctions ,Materials, Fabrication.

Unit V Optimization: Basic concept of optimization, classification of optimization, optimization techniques, engineering applications of optimization. Classical optimization techniques: unconstrained optimization single-variable optimization, multivariable optimization, solution by direct search method, solution by Lagrange-multipliers method.

ME802 Machine Design Syllabus References: 

1. Shigley J.E.; Machine Design; TMH
2. BhandariVB; Design of Machine Elments; TMH
3. Sharma CS and Purohit K; Design of Machine Elements; PHI Learning.
4. Hall and Somani; Machine Design; Schaum Series; TMH
5. Wentzell TH; Machine Design; Cegage Learning
6. Sharma & Agrawal; Machine Design; Katson
7. Kulkarni SG; Machine Design; TMH
8. Abdul Mubeen; Machine Design; Khanna Publishers
9. Juvinall RC, Marshek KM; Fundamentals of Machine Component Design; Wiley
10. Norton R; Design Of Machinery; TMH

List of Experiment (Pl. expand it):  Designing and sketching of components contained in the syllabus

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