ME 6th sem Power Plant Engineering syllabus RGTU/RGPV ME-602 Power Plant Engineering syllabus

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ME-602 Power Plant Engineering Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Power Plant Engineering SYLLABUS
Mechanical Engineering  ME 6th Semester Syllabus

Unit I: Introduction to methods of converting various energy sources to electric power, direct conversion methods  renewable energy sources, solar, wind,  tidal, geothermal, bio-thermal, biogas and hybrid energy systems, fuel cells, thermoelectric modules, MHD-Converter.

Unit II: Fossil fuel steam stations:
Basic principles of sitting and station design, effect of climatic factors on station and equipment design, choice of steam cycle and main equipment, recent trends in turbine and boiler sizes and  steam conditions, plant design and layout, outdoor and indoor plant, system components, fuel handling, burning systems, element of feed water treatment plant, condensing plant and  circulating  water  systems,   cooling  towers,  turbine  room  and  auxiliary  plant  equipment., instrumentation, testing and plant heat balance.

Unit III: Nuclear Power Station: Importance of nuclear power development in the world and Indian context,  Review of atomic structure and radio activity, binding energy concept, fission and fusion reaction, fissionable and fertile materials, thermal neutron fission, important nuclear fuels, moderators and coolants, their relative merits, thermal and fast breeder reactors, principles of reactor control, safety and reliability features.

Unit IV: Hydro-Power Station: Elements of Hydrological computations, rainfall run off, flow and power duration  curves, mass curves, storage capacity, salient features of various types of hydro stations, component  such  as  dams,  spillways,  intake  systems,  head  works,  pressure  tunnels,  penstocks, reservoir, balancing  reservoirs, Micro and pico hydro machines, selection of hydraulic turbines for power stations, selection of site.

Unit V: Power Station Economics: Estimation and prediction of load. Maximum demand, load factor, diversity factor, plant factor and their influence on plant design, operation and economics; comparison of hydro and nuclear power plants typical cost structures, simple problems on cost analysis, economic performance and  tariffs,  interconnected system and their advantages, elements of load dispatch in interconnected systems.

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