ME 6th sem Heat & Mass Transfer syllabus RGTU/RGPV ME-605 Heat & Mass Transfer syllabus

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ME-605 Heat & Mass Transfer Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Heat & Mass Transfer SYLLABUS
Mechanical Engineering  ME 6th Semester Syllabus

Unit-1 Basic Concepts: Modes of heat transfer, Fourier’s law, Newton’s law, Stefan Boltzman law; thermal resistance and conductance, analogy between flow of heat and electricity, combined heat transfer process; Conduction: Fourier heat conduction equation, its form in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical  coordinates, thermal diffusivity, linear one dimensional steady state conduction through a slab, tubes, spherical shells and composite structures, electrical analogies, critical-insulation-thickness for pipes, effect of variable thermal conductivity.

Unit  2 Extended surfaces (fins): Heat transfer from a straight and annular fin (plate) for a uniform cross   section;  error  in  measurement  of  temperature  in  a  thermometer  well,  fin  efficiency,  fin effectiveness,  applications; Unsteady heat conduction: Transient and periodic conduction, heating and cooling of bodies with known temperatures distribution, systems with infinite thermal conductivity, response of thermocouples.

Unit  3  Convection:  Introduction,  free  and  forced  convection;  principle  of  dimensional  analysis, Buckingham ‘pie’ theorem, application of dimensional analysis of free and forced convection, empirical correlations for laminar and turbulent flow over flat plate and tubular geometry; calculation of convective heat transfer coefficient using data book.

Unit 4 Heat exchangers: Types- parallel flow, counter flow; evaporator and condensers, overall heat transfers   coefficient,  fouling  factors,  log-mean  temperature  difference  (LMTD),  method  of  heat exchanger analysis, effectiveness of heat exchanger, NTU method;
Mass transfer:  Fick’s  law,  equi-molar  diffusion,  diffusion  coefficient,  analogy  with  heat  transfer, diffusion of vapour in a stationary medium.

Unit 5 Thermal radiation: Nature of radiation, emissive power, absorption, transmission, reflection and emission of radiation, Planck’s distribution law, radiation from real surfaces; radiation heat exchange between black and gray surfaces, shape factor, analogical electrical network, radiation shields. Boiling and condensation: Film wise and drop wise condensation; Nusselt theory for film wise condensation  on  a  vertical  plate  and  its  modification  for  horizontal  tubes;  boiling  heat  transfer phenomenon, regimes of boiling, boiling correlations.

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RGTU/RGPV ME-605 Heat & Mass Transfer Suggested List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):

1 Conduction through a rod to determine thermal conductivity of material
2 Forced and free convection over circular cylinder
3 Free convection from extended surfaces
4 Parallel flow and counter flow heat exchanger effectiveness and heat transfer rate
5 Calibration of thermocouple
6 Experimental determination of Stefen-Boltzman constant

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