CIVIL 7th sem Environmental Engg. - II Syllabus RGTU/RGPV CE 703 Environmental Engg. - II Syllabus

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CE-703 Environmental Engg. - II Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Environmental Engg. - II SYLLABUS
CIVIL Engineering CE 7th Semester Syllabus

Branch: Civil Engineering-VII Semester
Course: CE703 Environmental Engg. - II  W.e.f.-July – 2010    Academic Section-2010-11

Unit - I
Sewerage schemes and their importance, collection & conveyance of sewage, storm water quantity, fluctuation in sewage flow, flow through sewer, design of sewer, construction & maintenance of sewer, sewer appurtenances, pumps & pumping stations.

Unit -II
Characteristics and analysis of waste water, rcycles of decomposition, physical, chemical & biological parameters. Oxygen demand i.e. BOD & COD, TOC, TOD, Th OD, Relative Stability, population equivalent, instrumentation involved in analysis, natural methods of waste water disposal i.e. by land treatment & by dilution, self purification capacity of stream, Oxygen sag analysis.

Unit -III
Unit operations for waste water treatment, preliminary treatment such as screens, grit chamber, floatation tank, sedimentation and chemical clarification, role of micro-organism in biological treatment, Sewage filtration- theory & design.

Unit - IV
Methods of Biological Treatment (Theory & Design) - Activated Sludge process, Oxidation ditch, stabilization ponds, aerated lagoon, anaerobic lagoons, septic tank & imhoff tank, sources & treatment of sludge, sludge thickening and digestion sludge drying beds, sludge disposal.

Unit - V
Advanced Waste Water treatment - Diatomaceorus earth filters, ultrafiltration, Adsorption by activated carbon, Phosphorus removal, Nitrogen removal, Physico chemical waste water treatment, Solid waste disposal - classification, composition, collection, & disposal methods. Rural sanitation - collection & disposal of refuse, sullage & night soil

Laboratory work shall be based on the topics of environmental engineering I & II and consist of experiments of water and waste water quality as per facility available in the institution.

CE 703 Environmental Engg. - II   List of Experiment
1.  To study the various standards for waste water
2.  To study the sampling techniques for waste water
3.  To determine the alkalinity in water sample
4.  To determine the acidity in water sample
5.  Determination of Dissolved Oxygen in the water and waste water sample
6.  Determination of Biological Oxygen demand of a waste water sample
7.  Determination of Chemical Oxygen demand of a waste water sample
8.  Determination of various types of solids in the waste water sample
9.  Determination of bacterial number by membrane filter Technique
10.  Determination of bacterial colonies by standard plat count method

CE 703 Environmental Engg. - II   Reference Books :-  
  1. Water Supply & Sanitary Engg. - G.S. Birdie - Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company,  (P) Ltd. New Delhi 
  2. Waste Water Engg. by B.C. Punmia - Laxmi Publication (P) Ltd. New Delhi   
  3. Environmental Engg. - M.L. Davis & D.A. Cornwell - Mc Graw Hill Company  
  4. Chemistry for Environmental Engg. - Sawyer & Mc Carty - Mc Graw Hill Book Company New Delhi 
  5. Water & Waste Water Technology - Mark J Hammer - Prentice - Hall of India, New Delh
  6. Waste Water Engineering - Metcalf & Eddy - Mc Graw Hill Book Company New Delhi

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