CIVIL 7th sem Geo-Technical Engg.- I Syllabus RGTU/RGPV CE 704 Geo-Technical Engg.- I Syllabus

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CE-704 Geo-Technical Engg.- I Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Geo-Technical Engg.- I SYLLABUS
CIVIL Engineering CE 7th Semester Syllabus

Branch: Civil Engineering-VII Semester
Course: CE704 Geo-Technical Engg. - I

Unit - I Basic  Definitions & Index Properties: Definition and scope of soil mechanics, Historical development. Formation of soils. Soil composition. Minerals, Influence of clay minerals on engineering behaviour. Soil structure. Three phase system. Index properties and their determination. Consistency limits. Classification systems based on particle size and consistency limits.

Unit - II Soil Water and Consolidation: Soil water, Permaeability Determination of permeability in laboratory and in field. Seepage and seepage pressure. Flownets, uses of a flownet, Effective, neutral and total stresses. Compressibility and consolidation, Relationship between pressure and void ratio, Theory of one dimensional consolidation. Consolidation test, Fitting Time curves. Normally and over consolidated clays. Determination of preconsolidation pressure, settlement analysis. Calculation of total settlement.

Unit - III Stress Distribution in Soils and Shear Strength of Soils:  Stress distribution beneath loaded areas by Boussinesq and water gaurd’s analysis. Newmark’s influence chart. Contact pressure distribution. Mohr - Coulomb’s theory of shear failure of soils, Mohr’s stress circle, Measurement of shear strength, Shear
box test, Triaxial compression test, unconfined compression test, Value  shear test, Measurement of pore pressure, pore pressure parameters, critical void ratio, Liquefaction.

Unit - IV Stability of Slopes: Infinite and finite slopes. Types of slope failures, Rotational slips. Stability number. Effect of ground water. Selection of shear strength parameters in slope stability analysis. Analytical and graphical methods of stability analysis. Stability of Earth dams.

Unit - V Lateral Earth Pressure:  Active, passive and earth pressure at rest. Rankine, Coulomb, Terzaghi and Culmann’s theories. Analytical and graphical methods of determination of earth pressures on cosion-less and cohesive soils. Effect of surcharge, water table and wallfriction. Arching in soils. Reinforced earth retaining walls.

LABORATORY WORK : Laboratory work will be based on the above course as required for soil investigators of engineering projects.

Geo-Technical Engg.- I List of Experiments:
1.  Determination of Hygroscopic water content
2.  Particle - size analysis
3.  Determination of Specific gravity of soil particles
4.  Determination of plastic limit
5.  Determination of liquid limit
6.  Determination of shrinkage limit
7.  Permeability tests
8.  Direct shear test
9.  Consolidation test

Geo-Technical Engg.- I Suggested Books: -
 1.  Soil Mech. & Found. Engg. by Dr. K.R. Arora - Std. Publishers Delhi.
2.  Soil Mech. & Found. by Dr. B.C.Punmia- Laxmi Publications, Delhi.
3.  Modern Geotech Engg. by Dr.l Aram Singh - IBT Publishers, Delhi.
4.  Geotech Engg. by C. Venkatramaiah - New Age International Publishers, Delhi
5.  Soil Mech. & Found. Engg. by S.K. Garg- Khanna Publishers, Delhi.
6.  Soil Testing for Engg. by T.W. Lambe - John Wiley & Soms. Inc.
7.  Relevant I.S. Codes  

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