RGTU/RGPV MCA-505 Elective-EIII(a) Distributed Systems Syllabus MCA 5th -Fifth sem Distributed Systems Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV MCA-505 Elective-EIII(a) Distributed Systems Syllabus
MCA 5th Sem Distributed Systems Syllabus
MCA 5th - Fourth Semester Syllabus

MCA-505 Elective-EIII(a) Distributed Systems Course Contents:

Introduction to Distributed Systems :
Goals of Distributed Systems, Hardware and Software concepts, the client server model, Remote procedure call, remote object invocation, message and stream oriented communications.

Process and synchronization in Distributed Systems
: Threads, clients, servers, code migration, clock synchronization, mutual exclusion, Bully and Ring Algorithm, Distributed transactions.

Consistency, Replication, fault tolerance and security :
Object replication, Data centric consistency
model, client-centric consistency models, Introduction to fault tolerence, process resilience, recovery, distributed security architecture, security management, KERBEROS, secure socket layer, cryptography.

Distributed Object Based and File Systems :
CORBA, Distributed COM, Goals and Design Issues of Distributed file system, types of distributed file system, sun network file system,.

Distributed shared memory, DSM servers, shared memory consistency model, distributed document based systems : the world wide web, distributed co-ordination based systems: JINI Implementation: JAVA RMI, OLE, ActiveX, Orbix, Visbrokes, Object oriented programming with SOM

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7. George Coulios, “Distribute System: Design and Concepts”, Pearson Education
Note : Paper is to be set unit wise with internal choice.

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