RGTU/RGPV MCA-501 Data Warehousing and Mining Syllabus MCA 5th -Fifth sem Data Warehousing and Mining Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV MCA-501 Data Warehousing and Mining Syllabus
MCA 5th Sem Data Warehousing and Mining  Syllabus
MCA 5th - Fourth Semester Syllabus

MCA-501 Data Warehousing and Mining Course Contents:

UNIT – IMotivation, importance, Data type for Data Mining : relation Databases, Data Warehouses, Transactional databases, advanced database system and its applications, Data mining Functionalities: Concept/Class description, Association Analysis classification & Prediction, Cluster Analysis, Outlier Analysis, Evolution Analysis, Classification of Data Mining Systems, Major Issues in Data Mining.

UNIT – IIData Warehouse and OLAP Technology for Data Mining: Differences between Operational Database Systems and Data Warehouses, a multidimensional Data Model, Data Warehouse Architecture, Data Warehouse Architecture, Data Warehouse Implementation, Data Cube Technology.

Data Preprocessing: Data Cleaning, Data Integration and Transformation, Data Reduction, Discretization and Concept Hierarchy Generation. Data Mining Primitives, Languages, and System Architectures, Concept Description: Characterization and Comparison, Analytical Characterization.

Mining Association Rules in Large Databases: Association Rule Mining: Market Basket Analysis, Basic Concepts, Mining Single-Dimensional Boolean Association Rules from Transactional Databases: the Apriori algorithm, Generating Association rules from Frequent items, Improving the efficiency of Apriory, Mining Multilevel Association Rules, Multidimensional Association Rules, Constraint-Based Association Mining.

Classification & Prediction and Cluster Analysis: Issues regarding classification & prediction, Different Classification Methods, Prediction, Cluster Analysis, Major Clustering Methods, Applications & Trends in Data Mining: Data Mining Applications, currently available tools.

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4. Anahory, “Data Warehousing in Real World”, Pearson Education.
5. Adriaans, “Data Mining”, Pearson Education.
6. S.K. Pujari, “Data Mining Techniques”, University Press, Hyderabad.
Note : Paper is to be set unit wise with internal choice.

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