RGTU/RGPV MCA-504 Elective EII(b) Organizational Behaviour Syllabus MCA 5th -Fifth sem Organizational Behaviour Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV MCA-504 Elective EII(b) Organizational Behaviour Syllabus
MCA 5th Sem Organizational Behaviour Syllabus
MCA 5th - Fourth Semester Syllabus

MCA-504 Elective EII(b) Organizational Behaviour Course Contents:

Organizational Behavior Today: What is Organizational Behavior, shifting paradigms of organizationalbehavior, organizational behavior and diversity.
Learning about Organizational Behavior: Organizational Behavior and learning imperactive scientific foundations of organizational behavior.

Challenge and Opportunities for organizational behavior: Towards improving quality & productivity,
improving people skills from management control to empowerment, from statrility of flexibility,
improving ethical behavior, organizational social responsibility work and quality of life.
A Micro Perspective of Organizational Behavior: The perception process, personality and attitudes,
motivation: motivating performance through job design and goal setting, learning: processes rewards
systems and behavior management.
Micro and Macro Dynamics of Organizational Behavior: Graph dynamics and teams, interactive conflict and negotiation skills, stress: cause effects and coping strategies, leadership styles, activities and skills.
A Macro Perspective of Organizational Behavior: Communications, decision-making, Organizational Theory & Design, Organizational Culture.

Horizons for Organizational Behavior: International Organizational Behavior(IOB), the impact of culture on IOB, Communication in IOB, motivation across culture, managerial leadership across cultures 
Organizational Change & Development: Learning objectives, the changes facing organizations, managing change and organizational development, future of organizational Behavior.

1. Fred Luthans “Organizational Behavior”, McGraw Hills international Edition, Management & Organization series.
2. Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn “Organizational Behavior” (7th Edition), John Wiley & Sours Inc.
3. Stephen P. Robbins “Organizational Behavior: Concepts controversies applications”, PHI publications.
4. A.J.Robertson Lvan T. and Cooper, Cary.L. “Work Psychology Understanding Human Behavior in the workplace” Macmillan India Ltd. Delhi 1996.
5. M.N. Mishra “Organizational Behavior”, Vikas Pub. Co.
Note : Paper is to be set unit wise with internal choice.

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