RGTU/RGPV MCA-504 Elective-E-II(a) : Modeling & Simulation Syllabus MCA 5th -Fifth sem Modeling & Simulation Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV MCA-504 Elective-E-II(a) : Modeling & Simulation Syllabus
MCA 5th Sem Modeling & Simulation Syllabus
MCA 5th - Fourth Semester Syllabus

MCA-504 Elective-E-II(a) : Modeling & Simulation Course Contents:

Systems: Models types, principles used in modelling, system studies, interacting subsystems and example, simulation definition, examples, steps in computer simulation, advantages and disadvantages of simulation, simulation study, classification of simulation languages.

System Simulation : Techniques of simulation, monte carlo method, comparision of simulation and  analytical methods, numerical compution techniques for continuous and descrete models, distributed leg models, cobweb models.

Continuous system simulation : Continuous system models, differential equation, analog computer analog methods, digital analog simulators, CSSLS, CSMPIII language.
System Dynamics : Historical background, exponential, Growth and decay models, modified exponentical growth models, logistic curves and generalization of growth models, system dynamics diagrams, dynamo language.

Probability concepts in simulation : Stochastic variables, discrete and continuous probability function, continuous uniform distributed and computer generation of random numbers, uniform random number generator, non uniform contineously distributed random numbers, rejection method.
Discrete system simulation : Discrete events, representation of time, generation of arrivel patterns, simulation of telephone system, delayed calls, simulation programming tasks, gathering statistics,  discrete simulation languages.

Object Oriented approach in simulation, simulation in C++, Introduction to GPSS, general description,
action times, choice of paths, simulation of a manufacturing shop, facilities and storage, program control statements, priorities and parameters, numerical attributes, functions, simulation of a supermarket transfer models, GPSS model applied to any application, simulation programming techniques like entry types.

1. G.Gordan “System Simulation” , 2nd Ed, 2002 PHI.
2. T.A. Payer “Introduction to Simulation”, McGraw Hill.
3. W.A. Spriet “Computer Oriented Modeling and Simulation”.
4. Narsingh Deo “System Simulation with Digital Computers”, PHI.
5. V. Rajaraman “Analog Simulation”, PHI
6. Law & Kelton “Simulation Modelling and Analysis” 3rd Ed., 2000, McGraw Hill.
Note : Paper is to be set unit wise with internal choice.

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