FT 702 (B) Simulation and Process Modeling Syllabus FT 7th semester Fire Technology(FT) RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Simulation and Process Modeling Syllabus
FT 702 (B) Simulation and Process Modeling Syllabus
Fire Technology and Safetyl Engineering(FT) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

FT 702 (B) Simulation and Process Modeling Course Contents:

Unit 1: Introduction to modeling and simulation:  Modeling and simulation methodology, system modeling, concept of simulation; gaming; static, continuous and discrete event simulation.  

Unit 2: Basic concept of probability, generation and characteristics of random variables, continuous and discrete variables and their distributions; mapping uniform random variables to other variable distributions; linear, nonlinear and stochastic models

Unit 3; Introduction to Queuing Theory: Characteristics of queuing system, Poisson's formula, birth-death system, equilibrium of queuing system, analysis of M/M/1 queues. Introduction to multiple server Queue models M/M/c Application of queuing theory in manufacturing and computer system 

Unit 4; System Dynamics modeling: Identification of problem situation, preparation of causal loop diagrams and flow diagrams, equation writing, level and rate relationship, Simulation of system
dynamics models.

Unit 5: Verification and validation: Design of simulation experiments, validation of experimental models, testing and analysis. Simulation languages comparison and selection, study of simulation software –Arena, Pro-model, SIMULA, DYNAMO, STELLA, POWERSIM. 

ME80D Simulation and Process Modeling References:
1. Law AM and Kelton WD; Simulation Modeling and Analysis; TMH 
2. Gordon G., System simulation, PHI Learningl 
3. Banks J; Hand book of Simulation; John Wiley.
4. Taha H, Operations Research; PHI.
5. Hillier FS, Liberman GJ; Introduction to OR; TMH.
6. Deo N; System Simulation with Digital Computer; PHI Learning
7. Harrell C, Ghosh B, Bowden R; Simulation Using Promodel; MG Hill
8. Seila, Ceric and Tadikmalla; Applied Simulation Modeling, Cengage 
9. Payer T., Introduction to system simulation, McGraw Hill.
10. Sushil, System Dynamics, Wiley Eastern Ltd.
11. Spriet JA; Computer Aided Modeling and Simulation, Academic Press INC; USA

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