FT 702(C) Process Safety & Risk Assessment Syllabus FT 7th semester Fire Technology(FT) RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Process Safety & Risk Assessment Syllabus
FT 702(C) Process Safety & Risk Assessment Syllabus
Fire Technology and Safetyl Engineering(FT) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

FT 702(C) Process Safety & Risk Assessment Course Contents:

Unit I Concept of Risk: Definition, Accepted & Imposed risk, perception and qualification of risk, ALARP, cost Benefit analysis.
Unit II Basic Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA): The logic tree Approach, principles of QRA, fault tree analysis, probability Theory, Combination of Frequencies, Event Tree analysis (ETA) .
Unit III Safety in Design and operation: Safety in Design safety assurance in design, safety in operation, maintenance, organizing for safety, Accident Investigation and reporting.
Unit IV HAZOP: Introduction to HAZOP, conducting a HAZOP study, computerized reporting systems. HAZOP of batch process, Extensions of HAZAOP, Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA): Methodology of FMEA, criticality analysis, corrective action and followup.
Unit V Consequence Modeling: Gas dispersion, Toxicity, Explosions and fires, fires. Human Factors:- The role of the operator, control room design, Human Error Assessment Methods, Application of HAZOP to human reliability, date on operator reliability.
1. Process safety analysis An introduction by Bob Skelton.
2. An introduction to Risk Analysis by Robert E. Megill.
3. Risk Assessments Questions and Answers a practical approach by Pat Perry.
4. Safety sharing the experience - BP Process Safety Series- by www.icheme.org.
5. Fire Safety Risk Assessment- HM Government.

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