FT 702(A) Disaster Management Syllabus FT 7th semester Fire Technology(FT) RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Disaster Management Syllabus
FT 702(A) Disaster Management Syllabus
Fire Technology and Safetyl Engineering(FT) VII-7th Semester Syllabus

FT 702(A) Disaster Management Course Contents:

Unit I Types & consequence of major accident hazards, Role of management, Local authorities and public, Disaster Management Cycle – Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Disaster impact, Response, Restoration, Reconstruction, Onsite & offsite emergency planning; Emergency preparedness, rehearsal & exercises.

Unit II Role of Insurance in Disaster Management, Role of International co-operation (i.e. NGO & UN Agencies), affected factors on environment due to disaster. Need for National Capacity Building and Disaster Knowledge Network

Unit III The Disaster Management Act:: Need for technological input in disaster mitigation, community based disaster preparedness program; Preparation of Disaster Management; Plan Early Warning System; Role of Information Technology (IT)

Unit IV Natural Disaster like Earthquake, Mine fire, flood etc, Man-Made Disaster Industrial Disaster due to toxic gas release, Fire or Explosion; Case Study.

Unit V Accident related Disasters (Forest fires, Air, road, & Rail Accidents, Rural & Urban Fires, Oil Spills, Major building collapse etc. Community based Disaster preparedness program.

References :-
1. Disaster Management Act 2005
2. Industrial Security Management S.C. Dey
3. Dangerous Properties of Industrial Material – Irvin Sex.
4. Encyclopedia of occupational Health & Safety (OSHA) IV edition.
5. Safe Handling of Hazardous Chemicals by Rohatgi.
6. Industrial Fire Hazards Hand Book (NFPA)
7. Major Hazard Control I.L.O. Geneva.
8. What went wrong-Trevor Kletz.
9. Chemical process safety – Daniel . A. Crawl, Joseph F Louver.
10. Madhya Pradesh Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards rules 1999.

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