TX-702(B) Technical Textiles Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Technical Textiles Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) VIII-7th Semester Syllabus

TX-702(B) Technical Textiles Course Contents:

Unit I Sewing Threads: Properties; Manufacture of cotton, viscose, polyester, nylon and polypropylene threads. Glass Threads: Manufacture of glass filaments and staple fibre – manufacture of staple fibre yarn –properties and application of filament and staple fibre yarns.Asbestos Thread : Manufacturing process : properties and applications of asbestos yarn.
Unit II High Tech. Fibers: Carbon fibers – Aramid and related fibers.Tire Cords and Fabrics: Requirement of  tire cord – suitability of various fibers – polyester and Nylon tire cords – Manufacture of tire cords – Physical and Mechanical property requirements to tire cord fabrics – Fabrics Design – Specifications. Rubberized; textiles.
Unit III BELTS: Conveyor belts – power transmission belts.HOSE: Construction and applications. 
Unit IV Filter Fabrics: General Consideration of filtration of solids from liquids, solids from gases;Solids from solids, liquids from gases and gases from gases. Non-Woven In Filtration: Filtration in paper, cotton textile industry and viscose manufacturing industry – cigarette filters.
Unit V Functional Fabrics: Fire protection – thermal and electrical insulation – base cloth commonly used – materials – coating techniques – Waterproof fabrics – Gauze fabrics. Medical Textiles: Surgical Textiles – Suture Threads. Cardio Vascular Textiles – Knitted cardiac biological valves. Dialysis Textiles – Hollow fibers as dialysis membrane. Hospital Textiles – operation and post operating clothing – disposable drapes. Sanitary applications. GEO Textiles: Geo Textile functions – raw material – woven, non-woven and knitted geo textile – Application of geo textiles for drainage application, separation application, soil reinforcement and filtration and erosion control.
1. Technical Textiles – NCUTE Programme Report 2002 – Prof. P.A.Khatwani, S.S.Yardi
2. Guide to Geotextiles Testing – J.N. Mandal, D.G.Divshikar
3. Coated and Laminated Textiles – Walter Fung
4. Advances in Fibre Science – S. K. MukhopadhyayComposite Technologies – Stuart M. Lee
5. Handbook of Fibre Rope Technology – H.A. Mckenna et.al. Textile Inst. Pub.
6. Smart Fibres fabrics and clothing – Xiaoming Tao
7. Fibre and Whisker Reinforce Ceramics for Structural Applications – David Belitskus
8. Mechanics of Textile & Laminated Composites – A.E.Bogdanovich & C.M.Pastore
9. Hand book of nonwovens, S. J. Russell, Woodhead 2007
10. Geosynthetics in civil engineering, R. W. Sarsby, Woodhead 2007
11. Handbook of Technical Textiles, Anand
List of Experiments (Please expand it):
Testing of Sewing Threads, Filter fabrics, Geo Textiles, Non-woven fabrics, tyre cord fabrics,.Study;of Medical Textiles.