TX 702 (C) Finishing Of Synthetics And Blends Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Finishing Of Synthetics And Blends Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) VIII-7th Semester Syllabus

TX 702 (C) Finishing Of Synthetics And Blends Course Contents:

Unit I Developments in finishing machines. Finishing of synthetics and union fabrics e.g. 100% polyester, nylons, acrylics and their blends with cotton, viscose, wool
Unit II Heat setting of various synthetics and union fabrics. Weight reduction of polyester fabrics, silk like polyester. Finishing of sarees, dress materials
Unit III Mass density, specific weight, relative density, specific volume. Antistatic finishes, soilrelease finishes, water proofing and breathable fabrics. Formaldehyde free finishes. Durable press finish
Unit IV Flame retardant finishes for polyester, nylon and their blends, FR fibers.
Unit V Study of latest finishing chemicals and auxiliaries viz. eco friendly finishes developments in silicone finishes. Protective clothing, anti microbial finishes, ballistic protection, nano- finishing chemicals, plasma treatments, microencapsulation.
1. Technology of printing Vol. IV – Shennai
2. Technology textile finishing Vol. X – Shennai
3. Shennai; Scoring And Bleaching
4. Shennai; Dyeing
5. Tiotman; Textile Scoring & Bleaching
6. John Shore; Cellulosic Dyeingp
7. Engg. of Textile Colouration – C. Duck Worth
8. Textile Finishing – W.S.Murphy
9. Printing on Textiles by direct and transfer technique – R.W. Lee
10. Electronics Control for Textile Machines – Hiren Joshi, Gouri Joshi (NCUTE Pub.)
11. A Glimpse of the Chemical Technology of Textile Fibres – R.R. Chakraverty
12. Textile Finishing, R. S. Prayag,