TX-702(A) Knitting Technology Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Knitting Technology Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) VIII-7th Semester Syllabus

TX-702(A) Knitting Technology Course Contents:

Unit I Introduction to knitting and its comparison with weaving. Weft Knitting classification, specification of various knitting machines, elements of machine knitting, needle gaiting, principle of operation of different single jersey and double jersey machines, knitting cycle, positive yarn feeder, production calculation.
Unit II Basic single jersey and double jersey structures and their derivatives, horizontal stripping and plating, application of electronics and automation in knitting machines. Designing by different, mechanisms e.g. pattern wheel, pattern drum and jacquard.
Unit III Warp knitting - Introduction to warp knitting, working principle and patterning in Tricot and Raschel Machines, control of yarn feeding in warp knitting machines; requirement of yarn quality; parameters for knitting; quality control in knitting and dimensional stability of knitted structures.
1. Knitting Technology – Prof. D. B. Ajgaonkar
2. Knitting Technology - Spencer
3. Knitting Technology - Pitman
4. Knitted Clothing Technology – Terry Brackenbury
5. Machine Knitted Fabrics Felting Techniques – Janet Natney