RGTU/RGPV TX 604 Fabric Manufacturing III Syllabus TX 6th (Sixth) sem Textile Engineering (TX) Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Manufacturing III Syllabus
TX 604 Fabric Manufacturing III Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX)VI-6th Semester Syllabus

TX 604 Fabric Manufacturing III Course Contents:

Unit I Let-off motion- positive/controlled, warp tension control, electronic let-off motions, working principles and features of Ruti, Bartlet and Saurer let-off motions.

Unit II Automatic looms, different types of mechanical feelers e.g. sweep, diameter gauge and penetration gauge and electrical & electronic feelers, pirn changing and shuttle changing devices, weft cutters and temple cutters, bobbin loader and unifil loom winder.

Unit III Warp stop motion– mechanical and electrical types; Multiple boxes– weft patterning and mixing, different types of rising and falling multiple boxes, Cowburn & Peck (Eccles); sliding gear type multiple box motion, card saving device.

Unit IV: Mechanism for producing terry pile fabrics, different terry mechanisms, control of pile length, production of plush fabrics.

1. Bannerjee NN; Weaving Vol. II;
2. Aswani.KT; Fancy Weaving;
3. Marks & Robinson; Principle of Weaving;
4. Ormerod A;Modern; Preparation & Weaving Machinery;
5. Woven Fabric Production – II - NCUTE Publication (2002) – 1st Edition
6. Dobby, Jacquard; Drop Box & Terry loom
7. Talukdar MK, Sriramulu PK, Ajgaonkar DB; Weaving Machines, Mechanisms and Management Fox; Mechanism of Weaving
8. BTRA; Loom shed –Silver Jubilee Monograph Series.
9. Hasmukharai B; Fabric Forming;
10. Joshi Hiren and Joshi Gauri; Electronic Controls for Textile Machines; NCUTE Pub.(2003)
11. Ormerod Allan and Sondheln Walter S; Weaving Tech. & Operations;

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):
A: Detailed study of automatic loom along with positive let-off and work stop motion;
B: Study of multiple box mechanism and preparation of patter chain;
C: Weave analysis of complex fabrics – putting the design on graph paper and preparation of drafting and peg plan, color and weave analysis of yarn dyed varieties of fabrics. Study of sett cover, cover factor, count and weight calculations for the aforementioned fabrics.
1. Dismantle and refit drop box mechanism with proper setting and timing;
2. Card cutting for the drop box motion;
3. Dismantle and refit the wrap stop mechanism with proper setting and timing;
4. Dismantle and refit Ruti let-off mechanism with proper setting and timing;
5. Detail study of terry pile loom
6. Dismantle and refit feeler mechanism with proper setting and timing
7. Dismantle and refit Pirn changing mechanism with proper setting and timing.

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