RGTU/RGPV TX - 304 Yarn Manufacturing - I Syllabus TX 3rd (Third) sem Textile Engineering (TX) Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Yarn Manufacturing - I Syllabus
TX - 304 Yarn Manufacturing - I Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) III-3rd Semester Syllabus

TX - 304 Yarn Manufacturing - I Course Contents:

Unit I
Ginning of cotton fibres, Different types of ginning, roller ginning, saw ginning and importance of the ginning to eliminate the contamination in the yarn, the scenario of Indian ginning industries.

Unit II
Blow Room, Objects of blow room. Principles of opening , cleaning and blending . Preparation of uniform lap, principal of blow room machines and blow room lines , recent developments in blow room machinery including automatic bale openers , blenders and chute feed systems, optical color material detectors, dust removal etc. Assessment of blow room performance, environmental condition, man-made fibre processing.

Unit III
Calculation of blow room production, Process parameters of different machines for different materials, Different settings and speeds, General idea of defects and remedies in blow room, Maintenance schedule and important supervisory check points at blow room.

Unit IV
Carding – Object of carding, principles of working, construction and working of different parts of the card, type of card clothing, Developments of card wires. Development of modern cards-concept of chute feed, factors influencing the design of carding machines, elements and effect of their speed on carding performance. General idea of speed, setting and their impact on both natural and man – made fibre processing. Assessment of card performance – cleaning efficiency, waste %, production, draft etc. and quality aspects of carded material. Environmental condition, Concept of coiling, General idea of defects and remedies in card.

Unit V
Characteristics of manmade fibres, blending and objectives, types of blending, processing of manmade fibres in blow room and carding and calculation related to material selection, Idea of fiber distribution yarn s, factors affecting the blend irregularity, Processing of dyed fibers, difficulties in blow room and carding.

1. Text Inst; Manual of cotton Spinning Vol. I, II.
2. Khare AR; Element of Raw Cotton and Blow room.
3. Khare AR; Elements of Carding and Drawing
4. Salhotra KR; Processing of Manmade and blends on Cotton System.
5. Gilbert Merrill; Cotton opening and picking.
6. Gilbert Merrill; Cotton carding.
7. Klein; Technology of Short Staple Spinning.
8. Klein; Practical guide to opening and carding.
9. Venkatasubramani; Spun Yarn Technology, Vol. I Blow room.
10. Venkatasubramani; Spun Yarn Technology, Vol. II Carding.
11. Pattabhiram; Essentials of Practical Cotton Spinning.
12. Szaloki ZS; High Speed Carding & Continuous Card Feeding.
13. Chattopadhyay R; Technology of Carding.
14. Pattabhiram TK; Spinning Processing Methods of Man Made Fibres.

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):
1. An elaborate study of blow room and machine.
2. Constructional details, setting & gauging
3. Controls & change places.
4. Calculations of speeds, drafts, production.

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