RGTU/RGPV TX- 302 Fibre Science - I Syllabus TX 3rd (Third) sem Textile Engineering (TX) Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV  Fibre Science - I Syllabus
TX- 302 Fibre Science - I Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) III-3rd Semester Syllabus

TX- 302 Fibre Science - I Course Contents:

Unit I
General classification of fibres. Structure, properties and uses of cotton. Structure, properties and uses of bast fibers, Structure, properties, uses and brief description of wool and silk fibres.

Unit II
Basic concept of polymer, their classification, methods of polymerization, molecular weightits measurement, distribution and importance.

Unit III
Manufacturing process of all important man-made fibres e.g. rayon, nylon, polyester, acrylic, poly-olephins etc. with special reference to melt, dry and wet extrusion principle. Idea about the physical and chemical properties (influence of chemical constituents and different groups present) of above mentioned fibres and their uses.

Unit IV
Problems associated with man-made fibres and their methods of rectification. Structure of fibres- basic requirements for fiber formation, concept of order and morphology, molecular packing in crystalline and amorphous regions,

Unit V
physical structure of principal natural and man-made fibers . Study of fiber structuresmethods of investigating fiber structures e.g. X-ray diffraction, optical and electron microscopy , I R absorption, thermal methods NMR.

1. Shennai VA; Fibre Science.
2. Vaidya Synthetic Fibre
3. Gupta & V. K. Kothari; Manufactured Fibre Technology.
4. Morton & JWS Hearle; Physical Properties of Textile Fibre
5. Murthy HVS; Introduction to Textile Fibre.
6. Ghosh; Fibre Science and Technology; TMH
7. Moncrieff; Man made Fibres.
8. Gohl and Vilensky LD; Textile Science
9. Fried JR; Polymer Science and Technology
10. Mukhopadhyay SK; Advances in Fibre Science.
11. Mishra SP; A text book of Fibre Science & Technology
12. Jayaprakasam et.al; Fibre Science & Technology.

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