RGTU/RGPV TX - 303 Weaving Preperation Syllabus TX 3rd (Third) sem Textile Engineering (TX) Syllabus

Weaving Preperation Syllabus RGTU/RGPV 
TX - 303 Weaving Preperation Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) III-3rd Semester Syllabus

TX - 303 Weaving Preperation Course Contents:

Unit I
Object of Winding, classification of winding machines. Different types of Winding machines their uses and limitations, tensioning devices, yarn clearers Types and features classification of yarn faults, yarn traversing devices, yarn stop Motion, ribbon formation causes and method of its elimination. Passage of yarn On slow speed and high speed automatic winding machines.

Unit II
Different features of Automatic high speed winding machines, splicing- mechanism and advantages, Various parameters of package and Package build and their relationship, Related calculations.

Unit III
Weft Winding - different types, yarn guides and traverse , yarn tension control and Yarn stop motion , auto doffing, bunching, package length and diameter, package Build, winding and binding coil ratio.

Unit IV
Object of warping, classification of warping machines beam warping and sectional Warping measuring motion, stop motions, yarn tensioning, creel types and features, Leasing and beaming, Features of modern high speed warping machines.

Unit V
Drawing-in: Manual, automation, knotting and gaiting, Calculations, production, efficiency and waste related to winding and warping processes, Maintenance of the machines studied.

1. Talukdar MK; Winding & Warping.
2. Ormerod A; Modern Preparation and Weaving Machinery.
3. BTRA Silver Jubilee Monograph Series; Warping & Sizing
4. BTRA Silver Jubilee Monograph Series; Winding.
5. Sengupta; Weaving Calculation.
6. Ormerod & Walter S. Sondhelm; Weaving Technology and Operations.

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):
1. Study of cheese & cone winding m/c,
2. Winding tensions and yarn clearer gauge Levels,
3. Details study of non automatic weft winding machines.
4. Detail study of Warping, adjusting points and Drawing-in operations.

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