RGTU/RGPV TX - 305 Fabric Manufacturing - I Syllabus TX 3rd (Third) sem Textile Engineering (TX) Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Fabric Manufacturing - I Syllabus
TX - 305 Fabric Manufacturing - I Syllabus
Textile Engineering (TX) III-3rd Semester Syllabus

TX - 305 Fabric Manufacturing - I Course Contents:

Unit I
Objects of sizing, method of size preparation, details of slasher sizing and multicylinder sizing machines size ingredients detailed study of various drying systems, measuring and marking motion, drive, modification of size box, size level control, size viscosity and take-up, moisture, stretch and tension control.

Unit II
Single end sizing – features and application, Sizing of manmade, blends, continuous filaments and textured yarn. Production efficiency and other related calculations.

Unit III
Principles of weaving. Primary, Secondary an Auxiliary motions. Shedding – its various types and devices, positive and negative shedding, shedding tappets of different types, heald reversing motions, early and late shedding, shed troughing and heald staggering.

Unit IV
Pickin classification, mechanism of Over and Under pick motions, picking tappets, shuttle speed, shuttle checking devices, causes of shuttle flying and shuttle trap. Beat-up sley movement, sley eccentricity and its effect, factors affecting sley movement, double beat-up, Timing diagram of primary motions.

Unit V
Classification of take-up motion, 5 and 7 wheel take-up motion, Negative let-off motion and its related calculations, Causes of pick spacing variation. Temples-types and uses.

1. Talukdar MK &.Ajgaonkar D.B; Sizing- Materials, Machines & Methods.
2. Aswani; Plain Weaving Motions.
3. --; Loom Shed-BTRA Silver Jubilee Monograph Series
4. Bannerjee NN; Weaving Mechanism Vol. –1.
5. Talukdar MK; WeavingMarks & Robinson; Principles of Weaving.
6. Fox; Weaving Mechanism.
7. Paul V. Seydel; Textile Warp Sizing
8. --; Cotton Warp Sizing Hand book – E.F. Houghton & Co.
9. --; Sizing – The Key Stone for Quality Fabric; TAI Pub.
10. --; Woven Fabric Production Vol. I; NCUTE Study Material.
11. Corbman; Textiles- fiber to fabrics; TMH.

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it):
Detail study of sizing machines.
Detailed study of primary and secondary motions of a plain loom

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