RGTU/RGPV Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health Syllabus
FT-804 Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health Syllabus
Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

FT-804 Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health Course Contents:

Unit I Basic concepts of Industrial Hygiene, Environmental factors of stress- Chemical Hazards, Physical Ergonomically Biological Hazards, Threshold limit values (TLV) Short term exposure limit (STEL), Maximum Tolerable exposure Limit (MTEL), LC-50, LD-50, MSDS of Hazardous chemicals 
Unit II Recognition of hazards: Industrial toxicology, gases, vapors, solvent, dust, fibers, particulates, Industrial noise, Ionizing & non-Ionizing radiation thermal, Ergonomics. 
Unit III Evaluation of hazard: General principals, Air sampling, Analysis, methods of air sampling various equipments for sampling, direct reading instruments for gases, vapors and particulates, Asbestos fibers, sampling & analysis.. 
Unit IV Control of hazards: Methods of control local exhaust ventilation, dilution ventilation of Industrial work places, respiratory protection, ventilation norms requirements & measurements,. 
Unit V Occupational health: Occupational diseases of skin, respiratory system, diseases from metals, pesticides, solvents & gases occupational cancer, Biological Monitoring.
References: -
1. Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene by Barbara A. Plog & particia J. Quinlan.
2. Safety at work by John ridby & John Channing.
3. Occupational Health & Safety in manufacturing Industries – M K Potty.
4. Diseases of occupation – D. Hunter.
5. Code of Practice for Hazardous goods by NFPA
6. Dangerous properties of Industrial materials by Irvin Sex.
7. Handbook of occupation Health & Safety NSC Chicago 1982
8. Encyclopedia of occupational Health & Safety Vol I & II I.L.O. Geneva 1985.
9. Human Factors in Engineering & Design Tata McGraw-Hill 1982
List of Experiments (Expandable)
1. Sampling of air monitoring
2. Study of gas detection system
3. Study of chlorine detection & control measures
4. Study of ammonia detection & control measures
5. Study of portable gas monitoring equipments
6. Study of flammable gas detection monitor
7. Study of dust monitoring System