RGTU/RGPV FT-803 Environmental Protection & Waste Management Syllabus FT 8th semester Fire Technology(FT) RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Environmental Protection & Waste Management Syllabus
FT-803 Environmental Protection & Waste Management Syllabus
Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

FT-803 Environmental Protection & Waste Management Course Contents:

Unit I Air Pollution Management Air Pollution, Air pollution Measurement, Air quality monitoring, Air pollution modeling, Air pollution control Technology & method, Equipment Selection, Equipment design, Particulate emission control, Sources corrective methods, Air quality management concept. 
Unit II Water pollution Management Concept of water pollution, characteristic of waste water, standards of pollution parameters methodology of waste water treatment, Water Treatment process, Sedimentation, coagulation and flocculation, Filtration, Advanced Water Treatment processes, Industrial Water pollution management. 
Unit III Solid & hazardous waste management & risk analysis: Sources, Classification and composition of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), Waste Minimization of MSW, Thermal Treatment (Combustion) of MSW, Hazardous Waste Transport & treatment facilities, Treatment systems for hazardous waste & handling of treatment plant residues. 
Unit IV Environmental management in industries, Principals & requirements of ISO 14001 EMS, Environmental auditing & Auditing of waste minimization. Environment Impact Assessment, Environment Management Plan. EIA, EMP and Environmental Auditing Environmental impact assessment, base line for existing data collection & identification of impact, prediction of impacts, Evaluation of impacts. 
Unit V Handling storage and transportation of health care waste, Waste segregation packaging on site collection Transport & storage of waste treatment and disposal of health care waste. Incineration chemical infection wet and dry thermal treatment, microwave irradiation, land disposal, winterization treatment and disposal method from pharmaceutical & chemical waste; Training for health care personal and waste management operators.
1. Environmental Management Handbook by Marcel Dekker.
2. Environmental Management Handbook for Hydrocarbon Processing Indus.; James B. Wall.
3. Environmental Safety and Health Engineerings by Gayle wood side and Dianna Koeurek.
4. Waste Management by Rajiv K. Sinha.
5. Hazardous Waste Management by J.M. Dewan.
6. Perspectives in Nuclear Toxic and Hazardous Waste by Kadambari Sharma.
7. Water Pollution, Causes Effects & Control by P.K. Goel.
8. A to Z of Environmental Audit, A. Mehrotra.
9. Elements of Biotechnology -P.K. Gupta
10. A text book on biotechnology by – H.D. Kumar
List of Experiments (Expandable)
1. Collection of waste water test
2. Study of solid waste material
3. Study of noise level & its control
4. Study of environmental audit
5. Study of Environment Impact Assessment
6. Study of soil test

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