RGTU/RGPV Squad Drills Syllabus
FT 806 Squad Drills Syllabus
Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

FT 806 Squad Drills Course Contents:

Unit I Squad Drill : aim of squad drill-Principles of good instruction-sequence of teaching- words of command technique of instruction.

Unit II Attention – stand – easy-stand at ease-Turning and including-Forming up in three ranks – Numbering – Proving – Open and close order March Dismission and Falling out-sixing getting on Parade-Length of aceand time of marching. Halting-side-space paces forwarded and to the Rear-Wheeling-changing step in quick and slow time-making time-turning on marching-saluting-salute at the halts and on the marching.

Unit III Marching Marking time and halting in Double time-barking into slow, quick and double time marching in line in slow time.

Unit IV Report salute and salute with Message-Changing Direction-Forming of squad at halt march-wheeling in file-marching off in single file-reforming three on march and at the halt.