ME-304 Thermodynamics Syllabus ME 3rd sem RGTU/RGPV Mechanical Engineering(ME) Third-3rd Sem syllabus

ME-304 Thermodynamics Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Thermodynamics Syllabus
Mechanical Engineering(ME) Third-3rd Semester Syllabus 

ME-304 Thermodynamics Course Contents:

Unit I
Basic concepts: Thermodynamics, Property, Equilibrium, State, Process, Cycle, Zeroth law of thermodynamics, statement and significance, concept of an Ideal gas, Gas laws, Avogadro's hypothesis, Heat and work transfer. First law of thermodynamics- Statement of first law of thermodynamics, first law applied to closed system, first law applied to a closed system undergoing a cycle, processes analysis of closed system, flow process, flow energy, steady flow process, Relations for flow processes, limitations of first law of thermodynamics.

Unit II
Second law of thermodynamics, heat engine, heat reservoir, Refrigerator, heat pump, COP, EPR, Available energy, Carnot's theorem, Carnot's cycle, efficiency of Carnot's cycle, statement of second law Reversible and irreversible processes, consequence of second law, Entropy, Entropy change for ideal gas, T-S diagrams, Availability and Irreversibility. Gibbs and Helmholtz functions

Unit III
Real gas, Deviation with ideal gas, Vander-wall’s equation, evaluation of its constants, limitations of the equation. The law of corresponding states Compressibility factor, Generalized compressibility chart, P-V-T surface of a Real gas, Thermodynamics relations, Maxwell relations and there applications.

Unit IV
Pure Substance, Phase, Phase-transformations, formation of steam, properties of steam, PVT surface, HS,TS,PV,PH,TV diagram, processes of vapor measurement of dryness fraction, Use of steam table and Mollier chart.

Unit V
Air standard cycles, Carnot, Otto, Diesel, Dual cycles and there comparison, two stroke and four stroke engines, Brayton cycle, non reactive gas mixture, PVT relationship, mixture of ideal gases, properties of mixture of ideal gases, internal energy, Enthalpy and specific heat of gas mixtures, Enthalpy of gas- mixtures.

1. P.K.Nag; Engineering Thermodynamics; TMH
2. Van GJ; Thermodynamics; John Wylen
3. Cengel Y; Thermodynamics; TMH
4. Arora CP; Thermodynamics; TMH
5. Thermal Engineering by R Yadav
6. Engineering Thermodynamics by Omkar Singh New Age International.
7. Engineering Thermodynamics by Ratha Krishanan PHI India Pvt. Ltd.
8. Engineering Thermodynamics by M. Achuthan, PHI India.

List of Experiments :
1. To find mechanical equivqlent of heat using Joules apparatus
2. To study working of impulse and reaction steam turbine by models.\
3. To study working of Gas turbines by models and to identify various processes of Brayton Cycle.
4. To calculate COP of vapour compression refrigeration system and to plot on T-s, p-H diagrams.
5. To plot specific fuel consumstion versus rpm diagrams for diesel and petrol engines
Theory classes must be supplemented with laboratory classes.

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