ME-305 Machine Drawing & design Syllabus ME 3rd sem RGTU/RGPV Mechanical Engineering(ME) Third-3rd Sem syllabus

ME-305 Machine Drawing & design Syllabus
 RGTU/RGPV Machine Drawing & design Syllabus
Mechanical Engineering(ME) Third-3rd Semester Syllabus 

ME-305 Machine Drawing & design Course Contents:

Drawing conventions; drawing and dimensioning IS codes, sectional views and sectioning, surface finish and tolerances, representation of machine parts such as external and internal threads, slotted heads, square ends, and flat radial ribs, slotted shaft, splined shafts, bearings, springs, gears. Rivet heads and Riveted joints, types of welded joints and representation.

Assembly Machine Drawing: Basic concept, plotting technique, assembly and blow up of parts, bill of materials, product data; Cotter and Knuckle joints, pedestal and footstep bearings, crosshead, stuffing box, IC engines parts - piston and connecting rods; lath machine parts.

Introduction to Compute Aided Drafting software for 2D and 3D Modeling, Basic design concepts, design process, stages/phases in design, flowchart, problem formulation, design considerations (strength, manufacturing, maintenance, environment, economics and safety); design for recycle and reuse, Design and safety factors for steady and variable loads, impact and fatigue considerations, reliability and optimization, standardization in design..

Design of components subject to static loads: riveted joints, welded joints threaded joints, pin, key knuckle, and cotter joints

1. Bhat, ND; Machine Drawing; Charotar
2. Singh A; Machine Drawing; TMH
3. Narayana and Reddy; Machine Drawing; New age, Delhi.
4. Agarwal and agrawal; Engineering Drawing; TMH
5. Shigley JE et al; Mechanical Engineering Design, TMH
6. John KC; Text Book Of Machine Drawing; PHI Learning
7. Kulkarni SG; Machine Design; TMH
8. Mubeen and Mubeen; Machine Design.
9. Bhandari VB; Design of Machine elements; TMH
10. Sharma PC, Agarwal DK; Machine Design; Katson
11. Luzzader WJ, Duff JM; Fundamental of Engg Drawing Interactive Graphics; PHI.
12. PSG Design data book
13. Mahadevan and Reddy’s Mechanical design data book

List of Experiments :
1. Computer Aided Drafting of simple machine parts
2 3D modeling of simple solid shapes
3 Design and drawing of parts contained in the syllabus

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