IT 7th sem IT 722 High Performance Computing Syllabus RGTU/RGPV Information Technology Syllabus

IT 722 High Performance Computing SYLLABUS 
 RGTU/RGPV High Performance Computing SYLLABUS
Information Technology IT 7th Semester Syllabus,

IT 722 High Performance Computing Course Contents:

Unit I: Introduction to high performance computing: Aim, Architectures, Cluster, Grid, Meta- computing, Middleware, Examples of representative applications. 
Programming models: Parallel programming paradigms, task partitioning and mapping, shared memory, message passing, peer-to-peer, broker-based. Introduction to PVM and MPI.

Unit II: Architecture of cluster-based systems, Issues in cluster design: performance, single-system-image, fault tolerance, manageability, programmability, load balancing, security, storage.
High performance sequential computing: Effects of the memory hierarchy, Out-of-order execution, superscalar processors, Vector processing.

Unit III: Shared-memory processing: Architectures (extensions of the memory hierarchy), Programming paradigms, OpenMP.
Distributed-memory processing: Architectural issues (networks and interconnects), Programming paradigms, MPI (+MPI2).

Unit IV: Grids: Computational grids, Data grids ,Architecture of Grid systems, Grid security infrastructure. Examples of Grids: Globus.
The productivity crisis & future directions: Development overheads, Petaflops programming, New parallel languages: UPC, Titanium, Co-Array FORTRAN.

Unit V: Performance Issues and Techniques: Cost and Frequency Models for I/O, paging, and caching. Notion of Cacheing; temporal and spatial locality models for instruction and data accesses; Intra-process parallelism and pipelining.
Typical Compiler Optimizations of Programs; Improving Performance: Identifying program bottlenecks - profiling, tracing; simple high-level-language optimizations - locality enhancement, memory disambiguation, moving loop-invariants. 

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