IT 7th sem IT 720 Embedded System Syllabus RGTU/RGPV Information Technology Syllabus

IT 720 Embedded System SYLLABUS 
 RGTU/RGPV IT 720 Embedded System SYLLABUS
Information Technology IT 7th Semester Syllabus,

IT 720 Embedded System Course Contents:

 Unit I: Introduction to Embedded System, Categories, Requirements, Applications, Challenges and Issues. Core of Embedded system, Memory, Sensors and Actuators, communication interface, Embedded firmware, system components.

Unit II: Fundamental issues of hardware software co-design, computational models in embedded design data flow graph, control flow graph, state machine model, sequential programmed model, concurrent model, unified modeling language.

Unit III: Architecture of 8085 microcontroller, memory organization, registers, interrupts, addressing modes, instruction sets.

Unit IV: Embedded firmware design approaches- OS based, Super loop based. Embedded firmware development languages- Assembly language based, high level language based, mixed. Programming in embedded C.

Unit V: Types of Operating system, Task, process and threads, Multi processing and multi task, Task scheduling, Task communication, Task synchronization.

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