FT-303 Strength of Materials FT 3rd sem Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) 3rd Semester Syllabus

FT-303 Strength of Materials Syllabus  
 RGTU/RGPV FT-303 Strength of Materials Syllabus 
Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) 3rd -Semester Syllabus 

FT-303 Strength of Materials Course Contents:

Unit 1
Simple Stress and Strains: Concept of Elastic body, stress and Strain, Hooke’s law, various types of stress and strains, Elastic constants, Stresses in compound bars, composite and tapering bars, Temperature stresses. Complex Stress and Strains: Two dimensional and three dimensional stress system. Normal and tangential stresses, Principal Planes, Principal Stresses and strains, Mohr’s circle of stresses, Combined Bending and Torsion, Theories of failure.

Unit 2
Bending & Deflection: Theory of simple bending: Concept of pure bending and bending stress, Equation of bending. Neutral axis, Section-Modulus, Determination of bending stresses in simply supported, Cantilever and Overhanging beams subjected to point load and uniformly distributed loading. Bending & shear stress distribution across a section in Beams. Deflection of beams: Double Integration Method. Conjugate Beam Method, Macaulay’s Method Area Moment Method.

Unit 3
Torsion of Shafts: Concept of pure torsion, Torsion equation, Determination of shear stress and angle of twist of shafts of circular section, Hollow shafts, Open and closed coil springs, Leaf Spring, Spiral Spring, Pressure Vessels: Thin and Thick walled cylinders and spheres. Stress due to internal pressure, Change in diameter and volume, Compound cylinders and shrink fittings.

Unit 4
Unsymmetrical Bending: Principal moment of Inertia, Product of Inertia, Bending of a beam in a plane which is not a plane of, symmetry. Shear center; Curved beams: Pure bending of curved beams of rectangular, circular and trapezoidal sections, Stress distribution and position of neutral axis.

Unit 5
Columns and Struts: Euler’s buckling load for uniform section, various end conditions, slenderness Ratio, Stress in columns, Rankine formulae, Eccentric loading on columns.

1. Nash; Strength of Materials (Schaum), TMH.
2. Rattan SS; strength of Materials; TMH
3. Negi; Strength of materials; TMH
4. Sadhu Singh; Strength of Materials, ,
5. Ramamrutham; Strength of Materials, ,
6. Subramaniam; Strength of Materials; R; Oxford
7. National Building Code of India, Part-IV

List of Experiments
The experimental work to cover tension, compression, bending and impact test etc. on steel,
cast iron, RCC and timber, Fire Resistant Test of Structures and Combustibility of Building
Materials Test as per I.S.I. and other experiments based on the syllabus.

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