FT- 304 Heavy Vehicle Automobile Engg. & Safety FT 3rd sem Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) 3rd Semester Syllabus

FT- 304 Heavy Vehicle Automobile Engg. & Safety Syllabus  
 RGTU/RGPV Heavy Vehicle Automobile Engg. & Safety Syllabus 
Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) 3rd -Semester Syllabus 

FT- 304 Heavy Vehicle Automobile Engg. & Safety Course Contents:

ENGINES : Engine Classification, construction, details of Engine Components. Combustion in  S.I. Engines, Combustion in C.I. Engines, Study of fuel system components. Function of carburettors, construction details, Type of Study of diesel fuel feed systems. Carburation and mass distribution of mixture, supercharging, fuel injection and injection sections. Clutch, Types, Construction, Operation and Fault finding of clutches. Transmission assembly, Types of Gear box, Transfer of gear box, operation and maintenance of gear box.

Differential Necessity, Construction of differential systems. Axles, Types and Application. Brakes, Types, Construction and Operation of Hydraulic, Pneumatic Brake Systems, Maintenance of Brakes. Suspension, Necessity, Types, Construction and operation, Shock absorber, Coil springs, Independent suspension, Hotchkiss drive, Torque tube drive. Steering, Systems, Constructional details, types of steering gear box, steering geometry, caster, camber, king pin inclination, Effect of steering geometry on directional stability, Power steering Lubrication systems. Types, classification of systems. Lubricants. Cooling System – Air cooling, components, and working of cooling systems.

Electrical System. Ignition Systems, Magnet ignition, Battery Ignition, Electronic Ignition, Merits and Demerits, Working, Self Starter, Dynamo voltage regulator, Battery construction, operation and maintenance. Pollution. Air-Pollution, Euro norms, Pollution Control techniques.

Lubricating System: Types, Components, Lubricating oil, Cooling System, Detail of Components, Study of Systems, Types, Miscellaneous, Spacial Gadgets and accessories for Fire Fighting vehicles, Automobile Accidents, CMV Rules regarding safety devices for Drivers, Passengers, Fire fighting vehicles & Appliances. Construction & operation of fire fighting vehicles & appliances Construction & Operation of Fire boats & other Water borne applications Rules & regulations of RTO. Laboratory testing of vehicles. Road testing of vehicles.

Automobile safety devices

1. Automobile chassis and body construction, Operation and Maintenance by Wills H. Crouse.
2. Automobile Machines – Principles and Operations by W.H. Crouse.
3. Modern Petrol Engine by Arther V. Judge
4. Ergonomies of Automation by A.T. Walford H.M.S.O.
5. Practical Automobile Engineering Illustrated by S.Adhey, Asia Publishing House, Bormh.
6. Automobile Engine overhaul by A.W. Judge and Sir Issac Pitman.
7. Automboile Electrical Maintenances by A.W. Judge and Sir Issac Pitman.
8. Fire Risks in Motor Vehicle Servicing by F.P.A. London.
9. Maintenance of Diesel Engine by H.M.S.O.
10. Automobile Engineering by G.B.S. Narrang.
11. Automobile Engineering by R.B. Gupta
12. A Course in Automobile”Engineering by R.P. Sharma
13. Heavy Vehicle Automobile Engg. & Safety

List of Experiments (Pl. expand it)
1. To study the differential Axel
2. Study of external combustion engines
3. Study of PTO
4. Design of fire fighting vehicles

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