FT- 302 Town Planning and Safety in Construction Industry FT 3rd sem Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) 3rd Semester Syllabus

FT- 302 Town Planning and Safety in Construction Industry Syllabus  
 RGTU/RGPV Town Planning and Safety in Construction Industry Syllabus 
Fire Technology and Safety Engineering(FT) 3rd -Semester Syllabus 

FT- 302 Town Planning and Safety in Construction Industry Course Contents:

Unit I:
Town Planning : Planning surveys, slection of site for urban development, consideration cliats,Topography, Drainage and water supply etc. Types of roads in urban areas communication system and it relationship to the cities. Multi story flats, Group Housing, Group Ware Housing, Commercial complexes, Detached and Semidetached houses in relation to fire risk. Types of housing units, Layout of Housing areas with consideration of site orientation, views and architectural aesthetics.

Unit II :
Basic Philosophy : Structural Soundness, Accident and Hazards – their causes & effect. Accident investigation and reporting. Monitoring of safety performance. Treatment of injuries and rehabilitation. Safety Budget, organization, training, implementation. Safety officers. Safety committee.

Unit III
Safety in Construction Operations
1. Underground works: - Excavation, drilling & blasting, trenching, strutting, piling & safety in using and operation machinery and equipment relating to above components.
2. Above ground works : Scaffolding, Centering, Frame work, Ladders, Concreting wall and floor openings, staircases and railings. Structural steel work including welding, cutting erection etc. Safety in use of related machinery equipments.
3. Underwater operations: River draining, well sinking, Caissons, under water concreting. Cofferdams & special operation connected with irrigation works. Use of related machinery and equipments.
4. Movement of Materials & personnel : Heavy / Long items, Railway wagons, Motor trucks, Vehicles and Hazardous materials etc.
5. High rise building, bridges, roads, railways, asphalting, pneumatic caissons, electrical installations & lifts.
6. Fire prevention and protection: Handling of explosives. Precautions.

Unit IV :
Safety in Demolition Operations: Planning & permit, Precautions prior to demolition. Protection of public. Precautions during demolition. Sequence of demolition operations from safety point. Safety measures with respect to building materials including coment, lime, timber, steel, glass, paints, varnishes, and petroleum products.

Unit V:
HEALTH AND WELFARE : Occupational hazards, Occupational Diseases. Personal protective equipments. Health. Welfare measures. First aid facilities. Occupational health centers. Ambulance rooms. Medical examination. Salient Features of safety and Health in The Building & other Construction Workers (Regulation of employment and conditions of service ) Act 1996 and central rules 1998 IS & NB codes).

References :-
1. Accident prevention manual for Industrial operations, NSC, Chicago, 1982.
2. Fulman, J.B., Construction Safety, Security & Loss Prevention, John Wiley and Sons, 1979.
3. The Building and other construction workers (Regulation of Employment & conditions of
service)Act 1996 and central rules 1998.

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