EI802 Digital Control Systems EI 8th (Eight) sem Electronics and Instrumentation(EI) Syllabus

EI802 Digital Control Systems Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV  Digital Control Systems Syllabus
Electronics and Instrumentation EI VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

EI802 Digital Control Systems Course Contents:

Modeling of Digital Control System Block diagram of sampled data / digital control system, Discrete LTI systems characterized by difference equations Sampling process and its frequency domain analysis, Idea sampler, Sampling theorem & Nyquist frequency, Data conversion techniques uses of A/D, D/A and ZOH elements.
Discrete System Modeling Definition and determination of the Z-plane and Z-transform, Mapping between S-plane and Z-plane, Z-transform theorems, The inverse Z-transform, Z-transform of system equations, Solution of linear difference equations using Z-transform, The pulse response, Block diagram reduction for systems interconnected through samplers, Signal flow graphs for hybrid systems.
Discrete Control Analysis Stability studies using Routh's test & Jury's test, Steady state error Analysis for stable systems, Root locus Analysis, Correlation between time Response & frequency response.
Discrete Transform Analysis
Folding / Aliasing, Transformation Methods between planes (s, z and w), Numerical solution differential, Equations, Jordon transformation, Backward forward & canonical difference, Pseudo continuous-time (PCT) Control system.
Discrete state Variable Analysis
State variable representation, Time domain state and output equations for sampled data control system, State variable representation of a discrete time SISO system using phase variables - canonical variables - physical variables, State transition equation, State variable representation in the z-domain, System stability, Time response between sampling instants.
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List of Experiments
1. Overview of the MATLAB Environment for control system.
2. Step Response of 1st and 2nd order systems in MATLAB.
3. Analysis and Designing of bode plot using MATLAB.
4. Analysis and Designing of Root locus using MATLAB.
5. Introduction to Simulink for Control System.
6. To study of PID controller with Simulink.
7. Introduction of State Spaces design in MATLAB.
8. Test of Controllability and Observability.
9. Determination of state transition matrix
10. Introduction to LTI viewer.
11. Design of digital compensators, Lag, Lead-Leg.

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