EI 8301 Simulation & Modeling EI 8th (Eight) sem Electronics and Instrumentation(EI) Syllabus

EI 8301 Simulation & Modeling Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Simulation & Modeling Syllabus
Electronics and Instrumentation EI VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

EI 8301 Simulation & Modeling Course Contents:

Introduction: objectives of modeling, System theory and state variables Type of Model: Analytic, Simulation, Measurement, Analytic Modeling, Probability theory, Random variables, Poisson process, Markov chains.

Queuing Theory: Little’s Law, M/M/1, M/M/1/k, M/M/C, queuing Models, M/G/1[ Impact variation in service times]

Petrinets: Stochastic Petrinets[SPN],GSPN.

Simulation Modeling: Continuous and discrete event Simulation, Monte carlo Simulation, Pseudo random number generation, Non uniform Random variable Generation, Simulation Languages Features: Simpack, GPSS, GASP IV, CSIM, Estimation of Simulation Outputs/Output Matrix, confidence Intervals, Regenerative Simulation, Method of Batch Means.

Case Studies: Analytic Vs Simulation Models, Application to Operating Systems, Data bases, Networks Architectures.

P.A. Fishwick Getting started with simulation programming in C & C++.
A. Narsingh Deo, Simulation with digi9tal computer.

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