EI 8302 Embedded Systems EI 8th (Eight) sem Electronics and Instrumentation(EI) Syllabus

EI 8302 Embedded Systems Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Embedded Systems Syllabus
Electronics and Instrumentation EI VIII-8th Semester Syllabus

EI 8302 Embedded Systems Course Contents:

8 Bit Micro controllers:
Introduction to MCS-51 family, Peripheral of MCS-51 family, PIC Micro Controller –CPU architecture, registers, instruction sets addressing modes, loop timing, On chip Peripherals of PIC, Motorola MC68H11 Family Architecture Registers, Addressing modes, Interrupts Features of interrupts- Interrupt vector and Priority, timing generation and measurements, Input capture, Out capture.

16 Bit Micro controller:
Introduction to MCS-96 family, Peripherals of MCS-96 family, 80196-architecture, CPU operation, memory organization, I/O port, Operand addressing, instruction set, Interrupts, On chip Peripherals-PWM, Timers, HIS/HSO, Serial Port, External memory interfacing.

2 bit Micro controller:
Intel 80960-architecture, memory address space, Salient features of ARM processor family-ARM7 /ARM9/ ARM9E/ ARM10/ ARM11/ SecureCore /Strong ARM, XScale technology, ARM9200 Architecture,Pinouts, Peripheral Identifier, System Interrupts, External Interrupts, Product memory mapping, External memory mapping, Internal memory mapping, On chip Peripherals-Memory controllers, external Bus Interface(EBI), Advanced interrupt controller(AIC), USART, Timer counter.

Software development and tools:
Embedded system evolution trends. Round- Robin, Round robin with Interrupts, function- One- Scheduling Architecture, Algorithms. Introduction toassembler- compiler- cross compilers and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Object Oriented Interfacing, Recursion, Debugging strategies, Simulators.

Real Time Operating Systems:
Task and Task States, tasks and data, semaphores and shared Data Operating system Services- Message queues- Timer Function- Events- Memory Management, Interrupt Routines in an RTOS environment, basic design Using RTOS.

· David E Simon, “ An embedded software Primer” Pearson education Asia.
· John B Peat man “ Design with Micro controller” Pearson education Asia.
· Jonartthan W. Valvano Brooks/cole “ Embedded Micro Computer Systems. Real time Interfacing”, Thomson learning

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