EE703 Electrical Drives Syllabus Electrical Engineering(EE) 7th sem RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EE703 Electrical Drives fff Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV EE703 Electrical Drives SYLLABUS
Electrical Engineering EE 7th (VII) Semester Syllabus

EE703 Electrical Drives Course Contents:

Unit I
Basic Concepts of Electric Drives Elements of drive systems, Requirement of electric drives, Rating & Selection of drives, groups and individual drives, Constant power and Constant torque drives.
Motor Mechanism dynamics Review of Characteristics of AC & DC motors, load characteristic, load-drive speed torque characteristics, quadrant speed torque characteristics. Mechanical Systems Stability of Electric drives, referred moment of inertia and torque of motor load  combination, load equalization.

Unit II
DC Drives Starting & Braking of conventional, Phase controlled and chopper controlled drives, Transient & Steady state analysis, Energy recovery systems.

Unit III
Induction Motor Drives Conventional method of Starting braking and speed control, PWM, (VSI) Voltage source Inverter and Current Sources ( CSI) fed IM drives, cyclo converter fed drive, Vector control drives.
Slip Controlled IM Drives Review of Conventional methods & converter controlled-Crammers & Scherbius drives; rotor impedance control.

Unit IV
Synchronous Motors Drives
VSI and CSI fed; self-controlled-Brush less &. commutatorless dc & ac motor drives.

Unit V
Special Drives :Fundamentals of Switched reluctance motors, Stepper Motors, Permanent Magnet Motor Introduction to vector control; Digital control of drives.
Case Studies Electric traction, steel & cements plants, textile & paper mills, machine tool drive and CNC, electric cars.

List of Experiments:
1. Study the starting and running characteristics of converter fed DC traction motor.
2. To study the energy recovery systems and braking of a DC drive.
3. To study the braking Methods of a three-phase induction motor.
4. To study the performance of VSI fed three-phase induction motor using PWM technique.
5. To control the speed of a three phase slip ring Induction motor using rotor impedance control.
6. To study the performance of Vector Controlled three phase Induction motor drive.
7. To Study frequency Controlled Synchronous motor drive.
8. To study the control & performance Characteristics of switched Reluctance motor.
9. To study the performance & control of a Stepper motor.
10. To Study the Performance of a permanent magnet Brushless dc motor drive.

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