EE 7101 Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines Syllabus Electrical Engineering(EE) 7th sem RGTU/RGPV Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EE 7101 Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines SYLLABUS
Electrical Engineering EE 7th (VII) Semester Syllabus

EE 7101 Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines Course Contents:

Unit-I : Design of Synchronous Machine
Features of construction of low speed and medium speed Machine, design consideration of turbo and water wheel alternators, output coefficient and choice of main dimensions, design of stator winding, design of field systems, regulation, losses and efficiency, cooling systems.

Unit-II Design of 3 Phase Induction Motor
Design consideration of ac motors, calculation of main dimensions, design of stator winding, effect of air gap on performance. 
Rotor Design: Design of slip ring and squirrel cage rotor, components of leakage reactance, calculation of
leakage reactance and its effect on the performance.

Unit-III Design of single phase Induction motor
Calculation of main dimensions of stator, complete design of stator with its punching details, design of main and auxiliary winding, design of rotor, performance calculation of designed rotor and performance by equivalent circuit approach.

Unit-IV : Design of Electrical Equipments
Design of choke, DC motor starter, Lifting magnets and other electro magnetic devices.

Unit-V : Computer Aided Design
Philosophy and economics of computer aided design, advantages limitations, analysis and synthesis methods, and selection of input data and design variables, flow charts for design of induction motor and synchronous machine. Optimization of design constrained and unconstrained optimization problem

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2. Say M.G., “Performance Design of AC Machinery”
3. Clayton, “Performance Design of DC Machine”
4. Deshpandey M.V., “Design of Electrical Machines”
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6. Veinolt Cyril.G., “Theory & Design of Small Induction Motors”, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc..
7. Rama Moorthy, “Computer Aided Design of Electrical Equipment”, Affiliated East-West Press, New Delhi.
6 Probability and Random processes for Electrical Engineering , Alberto Leon
Garcia IInd Pearson .
. 7 Principles of soft computing- S N Shivanandan, S N Deepa Wiley India (P) Ltd, I
edition 2007.
8 Hand book of genetic algorithm- Rajaserkharans, vijaya laxmi pai.
9 PSO Tutorial- Kennedy Ebuehart.
10 Sivanandam & Deepa- An Introduction to Neural Networks using Matlab 6.0 1st ed., TMH
11 M.Amirthavalli, Fuzzy logic and neural networks, Scitech publications.

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