EC 8th sem EC- 7103 Industrial Electronics Syllabus RGTU/RGPV 7th semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV EC- 7103 Industrial Electronics Syllabus
RGTU/RGPV Industrial Electronics SYLLABUS
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 7th Semester Syllabus

 EC- 7103 Industrial Electronics Course Content:

Unit I : Rectifiers
Uncontrolled, Half-Controlled and Fully Controlled Single-Phase and Three-Phase Rectifiers for Resistive and Resistive-Inductive Load, Use of Free-Wheel Diode, Dual Converter, Input and Output Performance Parameters, Heat Sink.

Unit II : AC Voltage Regulators and Cyclo-converters
Principle of On-Off Control and Phase Control, Single-Phase Voltage Controller for Resistive and Resistive-Inductive Load, Sequence Control of AC Voltage Controller, Three-Phase Voltage Regulator. Principle of Cyclo-converter, Single-Phase to Single-Phase Step-up and Step-Down Cyclo-Converter, Three-Phase to Single-Phase and Three-Phase to Three-Phase Cyclo-Converter.

Unit III : Inverters
Single-Phase Bridge Inverter, Three-Phase Inverters-180o and 120o Conduction Mode, Voltage Control of Single-Phase Inverters- Single, Multiple, Sinusoidal, Modified Sinusoidal Pulse-Width Modulation, Advanced Modulation Techniques- Trapezoidal, Staircase, Stepped, Harmonic Injection and Delta Modulation. Induction Motor AC Drives.

Unit IV : Chopper
Principle of Step-Down and Step-Up Chopper, Converter Classification, Multi-Phase Chopper, Switching-Mode Regulators-Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost and Cuk Regulators, DC Drives.

Unit V : Residential and Industrial Application
Space Heating and Air Conditioner, High Frequency Fluorescent Lighting, Electronic Timer, Battery Charger, Switch-Mode-Power- Supply (SMPS), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Static Switches, Induction Heating, Electric Welding, Introduction of HVDC and FACTs.

1. Mohan, Undeland and Robbins: Power Electronics, Wiley-India Edition.
2. M. H. Rashid: Power Electronics- Circuits, Devices and Applications, Pearson Education.
3. P. S. Bimbhra: Power Electronics, Khanna Publisher.
4. Alok Jain: Power Electronics and Its Application, Penram International.
5. Biswanath Paul: Industrial Electronics, PHI Learning.
6. T. E. Kissell : Industrial Electronics, PHI Learning.

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