CM602 Organic Process Technology Syllabus RGPV / RGTU B.E. Chemical Engineering(CM) VI-6th Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV CM602 Organic Process Technology  Syllabus
CM602 Organic Process Technology  Syllabus
Chemical Engineering(CM) VI-6th Semester Syllabus

CM602 Organic ProcessTechnology Course Contents:

Unit I Soaps and detergents: Pulp and paper, pulping process, chemical recovery, stock preparation and paper making,

Unit II Agro based alcohol industries, production of cane sugar, molasses, formation of alcohol, alcohol derivatives like acetic acid, acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate and ethylene glycol.

Unit III Intermediates for petrochemical from petroleum based stocks, phenol, methanol, ethylene, propylene, aromatic benzene, toluene, xylene, acrylo-nitrite, styrene and butadiene.

Unit IV Dyes and Dye intermediates, insecticides and pesticides, nitration and nitrating agents.

Unit V Man-made fibers; rayon, polyester, polyamides, acrylics, cellulose and acetate,

1. Gupta VB & Kathari VK; Manufacturing Fibre Technology; Chapman Hall, Newyork I Edition
2. Kathari V.K.; Progress In Textile, Sciences Technology, Vol I & II; IAFL Publications, S-35 Greater Kailash part I New Delhi – 48 I Ed.
3. Austin, G.T; Shreeves Chemical Progress Industries; . Mc. Graw Hill New York
4. Dryden C.E; Outlines Of Chemical Technology; Affilicted. East West press, New Delhi, 1997

List of Experiment (Pl. expand it):
1. To determine BOD and COD of given water sample.
2. Preparation of acetic acid from ethyl alcohol
3. To find out the sucrose content in aqueous solution by polarimeter.
4. To evaluate the viscosity of molasses.
5. To determine percentage of formaldehyde in the formalene.
6. To determine iodine value of the given oil sample.
7. To determine the acetic acid, ethanol concentration in aqueous solutions.
8. To prepare azodye and finding the yield.
9. Prepare a standard phenol solution and estimate the % of phenol in the given unknown sample of phenol
10. To prepare urea formaldehyde resin and report % conversion.
Note: Each student should perform at least eight experiments from the above list.

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