CM 6th sem CM 601 Process Equipment Design-I Syllabus RGPV / RGTU B.E. Chemical Engineering(CM) VI-6th Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV Process Equipment Design-I  Syllabus
CM 601 Process Equipment Design-I  Syllabus
Chemical Engineering(CM) VI-6th Semester Syllabus

CM 601 Process Equipment Design-I Course Contents:

Unit I Mechanics of materials: Stress- Strain relationships of elastic materials subjected to tensile, compressive and shear forces, Elastic and plastic deformation, General design considerations; Design of shell, bottom plates, self supported, and column supported roofs, wind girder, nozzles and other accessories.

Unit II Unfired pressure vessel: Pressure vessel codes, classification of pressure vessels, Design of cylindrical and spherical shells under internal and external pressures; Selection and design of flat plate, tor-spherical, ellipsoidal, and conical closures, compensations of openings. High pressure Vessels: Stress analysis of thick walled cylindrical shell, Design of monobloc and multiplayer vessels.

Unit III Tall vertical & horizontal vessels: Pressure, dead weight, wind, earthquake and eccentric loads and induced stresses; combined stresses, Shell design of skirt supported vessels. Vessel supports; Design of skirt, lug, and saddle supports.

Unit IV Bolted Flanges: Types of Flanges, and selection, Gaskets, Design of non- standard flanges, specifications of standard flanges. Fabrication of Equipment; major fabrication steps; welding, non-destructive tests of welded joints, inspection and testing, vessel lining, materials used in fabrication of some selected chemical industries.

1. Brownell, N.E and Young, H.E; Process Equipment Design; John Wiley
2. Bhattacharya, B.C; Introduction Of Chemical Equipment Design; CBS Publishers, Delhi.
3. Perry RH; Hand book of Chemical Engrs; Mc Graw Hill Pub
4. I.S.: 2825-1969 – Code For Unfired Pressure Vessels.
5. I.S. 803-1962, Code For Practice For Design, Fabrication And Erection Of Vertical And Mild Steel Cylindrical Welded Oil Storage Tanks.
6. Joshi, M.V.; Process Equipment Design.
7. Ludwig EE; Applied Process Design In Chemical And Petrochemical Plants; Gulf publishing

Note 1: One question must be asked from each unit of twenty five marks each.
Note 2: Design data book approved by Chemical Dept Head and Exam Spdt may be permitted; (a copy of that must be preserved in Exam Center for at least a year)

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