CM603 Mass Transfer II Syllabus RGPV / RGTU B.E. Chemical Engineering(CM) VI-6th Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV CM603 Mass Transfer II  Syllabus
CM603 Mass Transfer II  Syllabus
Chemical Engineering(CM) VI-6th Semester Syllabus

CM603 Mass Transfer II  Course Contents:

Unit I Adsorption: Adsorption theories, types of adsorbent; activated carbon, silica and molecular sieves. Batch and column, adsorption; Break through curves, Liquid percolation and gas adsorption, BDST models for adsorption, calculation.

Unit II Humidification and Dehumidification: Humidification : General Theory, psychometric chart, fundamental concepts in humidification & dehumidification, wet bulb temperature, adiabatic saturation temperature, measurement of humidification calculation of humidification operation, cooling towers and related equipments.

Unit III Drying: Equilibrium mechanism theory of drying, drying rate curve. Batch and continuous drying for tray driers, Drum dryers, spray and tunnel dryers.

Unit IV Leaching and Crystallization: Leaching: solid liquid equilibrium, Equipment, principles of leaching, concurrent and counter current systems and calculation of number of stage required. Crystallization: Factors governing nucleation and crystal growth rates, controlled – growth of crystals, super saturation curve, principle and design of batch and continuous type equipment.

Unit V Liquid –Liquid extraction: Liquid equilibrium & Ponchon – Savarit method, Mc-Cabe- Thiele method, packed & spray column, conjugate curve and tie line data, plait point, ternary liquid – liquid extraction, operation and design of extraction towers analytical & graphical solution of single and multistage operation in extraction, Co-current, counter current and parallel current system.

  • Mc-Cabe, W.L. Smith J.M. – UNIT OPERATION IN CHEMICAL ENGG. – 5th edition Tata McGraw Hill – Hogakusha, Tokyo, New Delhi.
  • Coulson J.M. Richardson J.F. - CHEMICAL ENGG. – Vol – 2 Edition-2, Butserworth Heinmann, Oxford, New Delhi.
  • Treybal R.E. – MASS TRANSFER OPERATION – 3rd edition, Mc. Graw Hill Book Co. New York.
List of Experiment (Pl. expand it):
To determine to diffusion coefficient of liquid vapour in air by Stefan’s tube.
To study the rate dissolution of a rotating cylinder and then to calculate the mass transfer
To investigate the mass transfer characteristic of a wetted surface column unit.
To investigate the characteristics of cooling tower.
To study the drying characteristics of a wet granular material using natural and forced circulation in
tray dryer.
To prepare the drying rate curve for fluidized bed dryer.
To study the characteristics of spray dryer.
To study the characteristics of drum and Tunnel dryer.
Studies on solid-liquid extraction column.
To find out the crystal yields with and without seeds.
To draw the tie lines and plot equilibrium curve for given ternary system.
Liquid- Liquid extraction in a packed column for co-current and counter current flow of binary
Note: Each student should perform at least eight experiments from the above list.

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