BPharma, PY102 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS 1st First Semester RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 1st First Semester Syllabus

BPharma 1st sem COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Syllabus
B. PHARMA-1st - First SEMESTER Syllabus (Modified on 27/01/11)

Interlocution to Computer- Its Types and uses, Computer Generations, Hardware, software, Elements of computer system, Number Systems:- Decimal, Binary, Octal, hexadecimal, Storage Devices- primary memory, Secondary Memory, Input and output  devices.

Operating system- Basic Concepts, Organization, functions, operations and types, Features of DOS, Windows and Unix operating systems. Dos Commands.

Data Transmission and Networks- Basic Concepts LAN, MAN, WAN. Network Topologies, TCP/IP, Worldwide web, URL, HTML. Transmission Media.

Programming – High Level languages, Machine languages, Syntax, semantics. Compiler, Interpreter Algorithms and Flowchart.

Programming Language ‘C’ – Data types, Constants, variables, Operators, symbolic constants, input and output, increment and decrement operators. Control Structures: while, do- while, for, if, if-else, and switch statement. Functions, header files, recursion, pointers and arrays, structures.

Application software- Word processing, formatting, printing setups, mail merge, Table Handling, picture handling, spreadsheet programs, workbooks/ worksheets, formatting of sheets, formulae and functions, graphs, Import and export of files / data. Presentation Packages, Slide designing.

Introduction to various components of computer, Use of External & Internal DOS Commands, MS- Office – MS Word, MS, Excel, Powerpoint. A simple documentation preparation & printing. Usage of printer & other components. Simple programs in C.

Book Recommended:
1. V. Rajaraman: Fundamentals of computer, Iind Edition, East Economy Edition.
2. E. Balaguruseamy: Programming In C, TMH Pub
3. D.S. Yadav: Fundamentals of Information Technology, New Age Publication.
4. P.K. Sinha: Fundamentals of Computer
5. Computer Architecture (Schaum’s outline) CARTER, TMH

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