BPharma, PY 103 PHARMACEUTICS –I (Introduction to pharmaceutics) 1st First Semester RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 1st First Semester Syllabus

BPharma 1st sem PHARMACEUTICS –I Syllabus
B. PHARMA-1st - First SEMESTER Syllabus (Modified on 27/01/11)
PY 103 PHARMACEUTICS –I (Introduction to pharmaceutics) Course Contents:

1. History of pharmaceutical practice through ages. Various system of medicines. Significance of pharmacopoeias with special reference to Indian, British, United States, International and Extra pharmacopoeias.
2. Routes of administration and classification of pharmaceutical dosage form.
3. Definition, general formulation, principles and procedures adopted for dispensing and official products of the following-
Aromatic waters, Solutions, Syrups ,Mixtures, Spirits, Elixers, Linctuses, lotions, liniments, Mixtures, Glycerites, Gargles, Mouth washes, Inhalations powders, Capsules, Tablet triturates, Ointments, Creams, pastes, Suppositories and ophthalmics, Emulsions, Suspension, Milk and Magmas, Mucilages, Jellies, Infusion, Decoctions, Tinctures and Extracts.
4. Pharmaceutical Calculation: Different systems of weights and measures, Dilution and conc. of solutions, Percentage solution, Calculation by allegation, Proof Spirits, Calculation of doses, Displacement value.
5. Detailed methods employed in the preparation of plant extractives.

1. Study Indian Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia and Extra Pharmacopoeia.
2. Prepare and submit Camphor Water I.P.
3. Prepare and submit Chloroform Water I.P.
4. Prepare and submit Conc. Dill Water I.P.
5. Prepare and submit Aqueous Iodine Solution I.P.
6. Prepare and submit Weak Iodine Solution I.P.
7. Prepare and submit Strong Iodine Solution I.P.
8. Prepare and submit Cresol with Soap Solution I.P.
9. Prepare and submit chloroxylenol Solution I.P.
10. Prepare and submit Simple Syrup I.P.
11. Prepare and submit Simple syrup U.S.P.
12. Prepare and submit Chloroform Spirit I.P.
13. Prepare and submit Simple elixir I.P.
14. Prepare and submit Calamine Lotion I.P.
15. Prepare and submit Calamine Lotion USP, oily.
16. Prepare and submit Turpentine Liniment I.P.
17. Prepare and submit Liquid Paraffin Emulsion I.P
18. Prepare and submit Tragacanth Mucilage I.P.
19. Prepare and submit Milk of Magnesia I.P
20. Prepare and submit Bentonite Magma U.S.P.
21. Prepare and submit Borax Glycerin I.P.
22. Prepare and submit Tannic acid Glycerin I.P.
23. Prepare and submit Mandle’s Paint. B.P.
24. Prepare and submit Simple Linctuses I.P.
25. Prepare and submit Menthol and Eucalyptus Inhalation B.P.C
26. Prepare and submit orange / lemon Tincture I.P.
27. Prepare and submit compound benzoin Tincture I.P.
28. To prepare & submit codeine linctuses NFI , BNF.
29. To prepare & submit zinc sulphate & zinc chloride mouthwash IP.
30. To prepare & submit Potassium permanganate gargle NFI 1979.
31. To prepare & submit salicylic acid lotion BPC.
32. To prepare magnesium trisilicate mixture BPC.
33. To prepare & submit Chalk mixture pediatric BPC.
34. To prepare & submit magnesium hydroxide mixture BP.
35. To prepare & submit castor oil emulsion NFI .
36. To prepare & submit liquid paraffin & magnesium hydroxide emulsion BPC.
37. To prepare & submit lubricating gel.
38. To prepare & submit Peppermint water IP.
39. To prepare & submit sodium chloride solution IP.
40. To prepare & submit sodium chloride mouthwash .
41. To prepare & submit oral rehydration salt BP.
42. To prepare & submit soap liniment.
43. To prepare & submit sodium alginate jelly.
44. To prepare & submit lubricating jelly with cellulose ether base.
45. To prepare & submit compound syrup of ferrous phosphate IP 55 (Parrishs Food) by chemical interaction.

Books Recommended
1. Indian Pharmacopoeia.
2. British Pharmacopoeia.
3. United State Pharmacopoeia.
4. Lachmen, L. & Lieberman, H.A., “Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy”, Verghese publishing house, Bombay.
5. Gennaro, A.R., Remington’s “The Science and practice of Pharmacy”, Lippincot, Wiliams & Wilkins, Philadelphia.
6. Aulton, M.E., “Pharmaceutics- The science of doses form design”, Churchill Livingstone, London.
7. Banker and Rhodes, Modern Pharmaceutics. Marcel Dekker Inc. NY.
8. Kibbe, “ Hand book of Pharmaceutical Excipients., Pharmaceutical Press, London.
9. Martin, Physical Pharmacy.
10. N. K. Jain, Text Book of Professional Pharmacy, CBS Publishers & Distributors. New Delhi.
11. N.K. Jain, Pharmaceutical product development, CBS Publishers & Distributors. New Delhi.
12. B. M. Mithal, Text Book of Pharmaceutical Formulation.
13. Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms & Drug Delivery System. Loyd.V.Allen, Jr.Nicholas, G.Popovich, Howad C.Ansel
14. Textbook of Pharmaceutics, Bentley, E.A. Rawlins

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