BPharma, PY -705 : Pharmacology – IV 7th (VII) Semester RGPV / RGTU B Pharma, PHARMACY 7th (VII) Semester Syllabus

RGTU/RGPV PY -705 : Pharmacology – IV Syllabus
BPharma 7th sem PY -705 : Pharmacology – IV Syllabus
BPharma 7th - Seventh Semester Syllabus

PY -705 : Pharmacology – IV Course Contents:

Chemotherapy of Microbial Diseases
  • General principles
  • Synthetic organic antimicrobials (Sulphonamides, quinolones etc.)
  • B-lactum antibiotics
  • Aminoglycosides
  • Protein synthesis inhibitors (Tetracyclins,chloramphenicol,Macrolides)
  • Antitubercular drugs, antileprotic drugs,antiprotozoals, anthelmintics, antifungals
  • Antiretroviral and antiviral drugs
  • Miscellaneous antibiotics (Bacitracin, Glycopeptides, Polymyxins)
Chemotherapy of cancer and immunosuppressive agents
Basic concepts of Pharmacotherapy
  • Individualization of drug therapy : Clinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics
  • Drug use during pregnancy, Pediatrics and Geriatrics
  • Adverse drug reactions and drug induced diseases
  • Drug interactions
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
Clinical Toxicology
  • Definition of poison
  • General principles of treatment of poisoning
  • Treatment of opioid, barbiturate, organophosphorous, and atropine poisoning
  • Heavy metals and heavy metal antagonists
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